Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 3

(Yes, I did skip episode 2. Since I watched it with a group of friends, I don't feel quite like rewatching and capping it right now, but I may go back to it later...)

Kozue changes personalities again, and this time is a 6-year old named Nanako. Nanako takes an interest in Shiratori, and everyone decides to make him her babysitter for the day (even tho he has homework...). Nanako makes him read her a book while she practically sits in his lap, and she draws all over his newly furnished room. Nanako falls asleep in his lap while he finally gets some drawing done, and she wakes up back as Kozue. Everyone finally has the welcoming party and introduces themselves, but some of the boxes in his room fall one everyone (thanks to Sayoko) and Kozue wakes up as Saki again...


jiiiiiiiiii... Nanako was pretty annoying, but she wasn't as bad as I thought she was gonna be from what I had heard... I thought this episode was pretty cute, especially when Shiratori couldn't figure out what to do when she laid in his lap and stuff.

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