Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 5

A cute episode about Asami and Sayoko mostly. Sayoko is no good doing the odd jobs that she and Asami do for a living, so Shiratori helps them out before their deadline for making imitation flowers. Shiratori also helps Asami do the grocery shopping as well, and seems to think that Asami is more like the mother and Sayoko is more like the child. He also realizes that they are extremely poor and even eat edible grass and dilute their orange juice (as well as using cardboard boxes as furniture, including to sleep on). They stay up all night to finish the flowers, only to realize that Sayoko has many unfinished flowers hidden in her sleeves...


It was nice that the focus was on some of the other characters for once, and Asami-chan is so cute! She reminds me of Chiyo sometimes... Anyways, no personality changes from Kozue as she wasn't in the episode much..

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Episode 2 (Not Capped)
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