Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 11-12

Ep 11 Short Summary: Nanoha and Fate have their big showdown and Nanoha wins. There is an attept to arrest Precia Testarossa, but she overpowers them all. Fate comes to find out that she is an artificial clone created by Precia to have in place of her daughter, Alicia, who died. She reveals that she never loved Fate and was just using her to collect the jewel seeds so that she would have a chance to bring her daughter back to life.

Ep 12 Short Summary: Nanoha, Chrono and Yuuno invade Precia's ship in order to capture her. They are able to defeat all the guards but one, but Fate arrives to help them. When they finally reach Precia, Fate offers to protect her, but she refuses her help. The whole Garden crumbles, causing Precia to fall into oblivion (?) with her Alicia.


Well it was cool that Fate and Nanoha finally had their team-up finally, albiet a short one. It almost seems as if Fate has become the main character of the show, or at least the one that the most emotion is attached to. With one more episode left, there doesn't seem to be much to wrap up with the main plot, so maybe there will be more personal stuff going on in the last one. If things keep being as fun as the last half of this series, it should go pretty well.

Note: all the caps are from episode 12... I watched ep 11 on the TV so I didn't really feel like capping it after that. Sorry!

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