Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Episode 13 (Final)

Everyone escapes from the garden (except Fate's "mom" of course) and arrive safely back on the ship. Nanoha returns home, and Yuuno goes with her in ferret form since his planet is still not safe to return to yet. Everyone is happy to see her back and her life returns to normal...

Luckily, Fate will most likely not be charged with the crimes her mother forced her to commit (thanks to Chrono) and she wants to see Nanoha before she leaves to go before the court. She tells Nanoha she wants to be friends with her and a very touching scene follows and the girls exchange ribbons.


This was a very good final episode as it wrapped up everything very nicely. I was pretty suprised just how interested I became in this series as it went along since I wasn't super impressed by it in the beginning. It definetly had some deep character development and some dark elements to it as well, which isn't necessarily the usual mahou shoujo faire.

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