Mai-HiME Episode 16

Luckily, Mai is safe and sound and everyone is happy she's back (especially Mikoto who clings to her like velcro for awhile, even at work). Midori has the great idea of having everyone combine their forces and becoming a HiME sentai group. Most of the girls are in agreement with this, and go off to their new headquarters (a karaoke bar...) to celebrate and stuff. All the girls are forced to sing and dress up by roulette, including Natsuki and Nao. As the girls head back to school, they are confronted by Nagi, who tells them that there will be no more Orphans to fight. The catch is that they will have to fight each other's Childs (Children?) from now on... Meanwhile, Takumi cooks dinner for Akira to thank the "secret ninja", but spills food all over her. She goes in the bathroom to change and Takumi walks in to check on her, revealing her secret. She pins him to the ground and seems about to kill him...


Wow, I think the series will get even more interesting from here. There wasn't a whole lot going on in the beginning of the ep but it picked up in the second half with the hilarious karaoke scene. It's pretty ironic that as soon as everyone starts feeling real comraderie between the HiMEs that now they're gonna be fighting each other. Should be interesting...

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