Mai-HiME Episode 17

Pretty much the aftermath of Nagi's big announcement that the HiME's will have to battle each other and kill each other's Childs. Apparently the HiME that remains will be granted a huge amount of power that will save the world and the HiME star approaches.

Of course, Akira didn't kill Takumi, which is good because it's his turn for heart surgery in the US. Mai happens to run into Tate at the hospital and he tells her that he has feelings for Shiho (which hopefully means he's just trying not to have Mai worry about him), tho he lies to Shiho when he gets back, saying he didn't meet with anyone. As Mai heads back to school, she is stopped by a ghostlike girl with a very scary looking Child.


Good ep that started revealing a lot of things that were going on behind the scenes. Hopefully Tate way lying about liking Shiho, cause I would definetly prefer he and Mai hook up eventually.

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