Mai-HiME Episode 18

The strange ghost HiME attacks Mai, but she doesn't want to fight it. Mikoto tries to protect her and attack the other HiME's Child, but Mai stops her. There is some growing tension among all the HiME's and many are looking for answers to what's going on. The girls find the Sister has been attacked and think it's Nao that attacked her. Natsuki goes after her and attacks her as well, but before they are able to fight, Mai stops them. However, Nao points out that Mai has already killed Alyssia's Child and so she had not place to talk. Midori goes after some answers from the director, only to find out that Fumi is a HiME as well.


Things are starting to get pretty intense... and most likly will explode pretty soon.. I like how Natsuki said she has no fear as she does not have anyone special to her. I have a feeling that will come back to bite her in the ass later. I guess we'll have to see.. =)

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At 9:43 PM, Blogger Mentar said...


Rewatch this part from episode 18! Nao did NOT attack the sister, she was minding her own business and FRAMED by Ishigami-sensei and Yukariko, who were just faking the attack!

This is _very_ important for the rest of the story.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Jeni said...

Oooops.. I can't believe I forgot about that. I was kinda not paying attention at the time I guess, lol. I better go fix that now... Thanks for the heads up! ^_^;

At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Valaar said...

watch next episodes! it's rocks!


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