Peach Girl Episode 5

Even though Sae's broken Momo and Touji up, she still keeps screwing with Momo for no apparent reason. She tells everyone Momo hurt Touji in the hospital, and volunteers her for the school swimming competition, even though Momo obviously doesn't want to do it. Momo also runs into an old friend (the one that told her that Touji didn't like dark-skinned girls) who tells her she made it up because she liked Touji too...

At the swimming competition, in which Momo is in 10 races, Sae gets some girls to sabotage Momo's swimsuit so that the shoulder strap with break, which it does. Momo attempts the next couple races but it unable to repair her swimsuit and she does really badly. One of the girls that had sabatoged Momo's swimsuit had almost drowned in the process of doing it and Momo had saved her. She brings Momo her swimsuit in thanks and runs off. Kairi walks in on Momo as she's changing and asks her to hug him...


Poor Momo, everyone hates her and then Kairi, the only person that believes that Sae is a bad person, ignores her during the competition... I kinda forgot why Kairi wanted to hug her while she's only in a towel, but maybe that's obvious? I should look it up in my manga...

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wow your super awesome for like re- capping everything :)
do u recommended any animes are like peach girl?


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