Tactics Episode 12

Kantarou and the gang go to rid a mansion full of monsters that are haunting the place. The owner, Sakurazawa, is the female president of a textile importing company, and she seems to have taken a liking to Haruka. While looking for the source of the problem, Youko stumbles upon a garden of purple roses inside a storage shed. She becomes intwined in the vines and is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Sakurazawa traps Haruka in vines as well and reveals herself as Ibaragi, a demon, and not the real Sakurazawa. Kantarou goes looking in the storage shed when he sees a strange uniformed man leaving it finds Youko's apron and the real Sakurazawa asleep, trapped in the roses, when suddenly a big monster appears.

Ibaragi has her body guards (?) beat Haruka nearly senseless and Kantarou appears with the monster in tow, saying he's made friends with it. The uniformed man attacks the monster and it disappears, and Ibaragi reveals how she blackmailed Sakurazawa into buying the roses. She and the uniformed man disappear (for now), and Haruka is left with a bad hangover from the fumes released from the roses...

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