Tactics Episodes 10 & 11

A beautiful woman and her two twin daughters are in charge of a shrine, and the younger of the twins, Miyabi, is a gifted fortune teller for the town. The woman's second husband recently died in a freak accident as well as many other men in the town that were lusting after her/her money. Kantarou is investigating the deaths as well as lending some assistance to the weak Miyabi in her upcoming ceremony. Her elder sister, Mai, seems jealous of Miyabi's talents, but actually is trying to save her by calling on an evil spirit (which she thinks is the god of the underworld) and killing the men in the town to take Miyabi's place. Unfortunately, Miyabi dies soon after doing the ceremony despite Mai's pleas to Kantarou to do something about it, even offering herself in Miyabi's place. She vows to have a grudge against Kantarou, though there really was nothing he could do for Miyabi, and she begins to train to become a good fortune teller as well.


This was a good 2-episode story that was pretty involving and emotional. I'm really liking this series now that I started watching it again =). Miyabi's crush on Haruka and the significance of the butterfly was really intriguing. I also liked the seduction scene(s) at the end of ep 10.. that was very interesting...

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