Tactics Episodes 7 & 8

Basically Ep 7 is about Kan-chan testing Haruka's loyalty and stuff. Not much attention was given to the case this time except it had something to do with a giant spider monster and kidnapped children. Oh, and the fact that the father of one girl had offered him 10x the normal amount to rescue her, but he said he wasn't doing it for the money. Of course, the father took it to heart and only gave him the going rate. =)

Youko gets a taiyaki for doing some work for a neighbor and Kan-chan and Haruka eat it while she's not around. She gets pissed and runs away, first to Sugino and Muu (tho she leaves them quickly...) and then to Suzu's house. She gets bored there and runs off to get a job at a tea house, but is offered double the money she's making there to go with a sleazy looking guy. He takes her to a sideshow of demons/monsters and makes her one of the attractions. Kantarou, Haruka and Suzu follow her and rescue her, revealing that the man is really a tanuki demon himself.


These eps were pretty good, especially ep 8 which was great. Although neither of these episodes focused on Kan-chan's demon exorcising and stuff, they actually worked better when the emphasis is put on the characters. I hope this kind of stuff continues...

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