Uta∽Kata Episode 11

Being the second to last episode, this one's brought a few things to light. We find out that Ichika is acutally moving to Milan, Italy with her family at the end of the summer (hense the stuff about not having much time left... and here I thought she was dying or something). We also find out that Kai came from the same "world" (or whatever) that Manatsu is from and put Sei through the same test that Ichika is going through. It also looks as if she'll have to make the same decision that Sei had to make, but didn't (tho we still don't know what that decision is).

Ichika and Mantsu and the gang to to a hotel pool to chill out with only a week left until the move. Michiru seems to know something of what is going on with Ichika and she spontaneously transforms again calling on the ocean djinn and creating a huge tsunami. Manatsu throws herself into the wave despite Saya telling her it's against the rules. Afterwards, Saya makes Manatsu become unconcious and Ichika and Michiru carry her home, but Ichika also collapses on the way...


This was a good episode with a lot revealed now that it's getting near the end. The only thing I thought was a little out of place was Ichika's costume, which seemed too cute and whimsical I guess for the situation. However I can't really complain cause it was designed by Akamatsu Ken (Love Hina, Negima), who is cool. Anyways, next episode should be exciting.. hope it comes out soon!

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