Uta∽Kata Episode 12 (Final)

Ichika goes to Saya's house to confront her, and finds the mirror that Manatsu came out of there. Saya appears, pins Ichika to the mirror, and tells her she has a choice... to destroy everyone in the world, or to destroy herself. She is using humans as a test case to see how they view the world and other humans through the eyes of the djinn. She created Kai and Ichika to guide these humans.

She also reveals herself as the final Djinn, the mirror djinn, and Ichika and Manatsu (who was brought there by Kai) spontaneously transform again. When Sei was given the choice previously, he could not choose, and therefore Kai put himself on the line. Kai became human and Sei gave him some of his life so he could live.

Ichika could also not make this choice, but Saya said there must be a penalty for that and aimed her scythe straight at Ichika's chest. Sei breaks out of the stone and puts his hand in front of her, impaling it on the scythe. Ichika frees herself from the mirror, kisses Sei's hand and impales herself on it. Manatsu impales herself on the other end, giving Ichika back the life that she was losing. Manatsu kisses Ichika, and Kai kisses Sei, giving them their life and vanishing in bubbles, becoming pieces of the mirror.

Saya calls her master (whoever that is) and reports what happens, saying that humans are very foolish, and moves on to her next target. Ichika goes back to her normal life and she is staying in Japan while her father goes to Italy on his assignment.


Overall, I'm really happy with the series, and the ending really did it justice. I had a feeling Ichika would have to make a choice like that (sacrificing herself or someone else) and it was interesting that even though she grew to dislike herself so much, she realized that she was loved by others and could not sacrifice herself. It is interesting that Sei would have given Ichika that charm... especially if he knew what it did, which makes me wonder that if he hadn't given it to her, would Manatsu have come to her? There's still a lot of questions to be answered in this series that they left open, but that's alright with me. I really enjoyed this series, and even though it may be a little slow to some, it really kept my interest throughout.

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At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Rainy said...

I have been hesitant whether or not to watch Uta-Kata, but your positive impression about the show piques me interests. thank you I am going to try this series.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe i love your summaries =)and your pics hehehe you pick all the right moments...i just finished watching the last episode lol..but i heard theres a 13th one? and also you said that Saya created Kai and Ichika by accident, =P well thankyou XD


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