Mai-HiME Episode 25

A sedate Mai says goodbye to a couple of her classmates as they board a train to leave. It seems that everyone has left the school except the final players: Mai, Natsuki, Shizuru, Mikoto, Reito, Nagi and Miyu. The HiME star is now on earth and everything is setting up for the final battle. Natsuki spends some time with Mai, but heads off to confront Shizuru. Shizuru claims that she will have Natsuki no matter what, and chases her down with Kiyohime in tow. Natsuki calls on a very large Duhran, and while the two Childs face off, she and Shizuru have a intimate conversation where Natsuki reveals that she loves her as well (tho is it really the same kind of "suki"?). As they embrace, and Natsuki kisses Shizuru, she has Duhran destroy Kiyohime and both Natsuki and Shizuru disppear in a flurry of green sparkles.

Meanwhile, Mikoto faces off with the newly revamped Miyu, and Mai confronts Nagi who takes her to the HiME pillars. As Natsuki and Shizuru's pillars appear, a gate opens leading downwards and takes Mai to where Reito is in the gate to the HiME star's power. He reveals that Mai is to become his wife and they will repopulate the earth together (like Adam and Eve). That is unless... she can defeat him (and by him he means Mikoto and her Child??? That pussy...). Miyu now is facing off with Nagi, but when she hears and feels Alyssia's spirit it unlocks a special mode for her in which she basically blows Nagi away (at least it appears so).


This was a good follow up to the very depressing, but very good episode 24. This one had more of a laid back feel to prepare you to the upcoming finale. Though Natsuki's (and Shizuru's) death was a little sad, it was a very poignant moment and was pretty powerful by itself. Hopefully there will be a somewhat happy ending after all this..


Tsubasa Chronicle Preview

Watch the promo here for yourself if you want. I got it from Wing Journey in case you're interested.

From this preview/cm it looks pretty good so far, I think Syaoran's voice sounds okay... I can't really hear Sakura's over the narration, but it sounded okay from what I could hear. I'm pretty sure the background music is Kinya Kotani's "Blaze" which will be the opening for the series, and it sounds alright as well. The visuals and effects look good so far, so hopefully this series will live up to the manga pretty well at least =).

Peach Girl Episode 10

Kairi gets revenge on Sae by tricking her to going to an "audition" for a movie which actually turns out to be her being "attacked" by a large S&M type guy. Kairi tells Momo and Touji about his little revenge scheme and Momo goes to save her. Momo kicks the chubby attacker and knocks him out cold, but Sae is obviously upset and blames Momo (even tho Kairi tells her it was his doing, and he was just trying to scare her). Sae also tells Momo that nothing happened in the hotel room with Jigoro, and Momo is relieved but tells Sae that she is cutting her off completely and wants nothing to do with her anymore.

The next day at school, Momo and Touji plan a trip to the amusement park to make up for what happened on her birthday, and Momo is excited. Sae confronts Touji with the picture she took of Momo and Jigoro in the hotel room and threatens to release the pictures which will hurt Momo's reputation and possibly get her expelled unless Touji breaks up with her. Touji refuses, but Sae makes it clear that she is serious.

At the amusement park, Touji is obviously distracted by Sae's threat and Sae calls Momo during the date and askes to talk to Touji. She threatens again, and lets him know she is spying on them during their date, so he runs around trying to find her. Momo wants to know what's going on, but Touji tells her it's nothing. Touji wants to leave the amusement park (possibly to go and try to stop Sae), but Momo wants to ride the ferris wheel before they go. As they are riding it while the sun sets, Touji secretly dials Sae and when she answers he tells Momo he is tired of everything and wants to break up. Momo is of course shocked...

Later that night, Touji meets up with Sae and she gives him the pictures which he burns and then he deletes the picture off her phone. Sae asks when they're going on a date, and Touji replies he never agreed to go out with her and planned to go apologize to Momo. Of course, knowing Sae, she has another trick up her sleeve and reveals that she has a copy of the picture on a disk at home. Touji is pissed but knows that Sae has once again manipulated things in her favor.

The next day at school, Sae and Touji arrive arm in arm and Sae tells everyone they are dating now. Kairi runs off to Momo and tells her what's happening and she does her best to try to find Touji to get the the bottom of things. Kairi traps Touji so Momo can find him and she confronts him about why he broke up with her and if he's really dating Sae now. Then when Sae appears, he kisses her in front of Momo and Kairi, much to their disbelief...


Oh man is Touji an idiot... it's really kind of infuriating at this point. Sae has really turned into the complete bitch from hell, and Touji kind of deserves her with his coldness and stupidity. I'm pretty sure Momo would rather be expelled from school than put up with all this crap, I know I would. Besides, it's not like Sae could prove anything from a picture like that, for all anyone knows it could be photoshop'd or something (like in GTO >D). I really seriously think that Momo would be much better off with Kairi at this point definetly. Touji is just way too stupid and easy to manipulate... it's too bad cause he was starting to grow on me with the last couple of episodes, but that's all gone down the toilet now. Ahh well, maybe she'll realize what a good friend Kairi is and see the light finally... we'll see!


Mai-HiME Episodes 22-24

As this series gets near the end, I feel that anyone who is reading these entries has either seen the episodes or don't really care. In that light, I will only be commenting on my reactions to the episodes and maybe give a small summary and point out the main points. If you *really* want a detailed summary, visit Garten's site as usual. As for me, just enjoy the screen caps and hopefully you are enjoying the series as much as I am!

Episode 22:

Mai continues to deny her feelings for Tate and pushes him away even when he reaches out to her. Reito (or Prince Kakuyou) and Nagi set more of their evil plans into motion. Shizuru begins to become obsessive with her attraction to Natsuki to the point where it's getting kinda scary... and Haruka confronts Shizuru for abandoning the school and for hurting Yukino.


I thought this episode was pretty good, but it just seems like everything is just getting worse and worse for everyone involved (of course that's to be expected near the end of an anime like this). We no longer have silly moments that make us giggle once in awhile, it's straight up drama and some action at this point...


Episode 23:

We get our first glimpse of Mikoto's Child as she tries to stop Midori from awakening M.I.Y.U. again. Midori's Child is defeated, but she succeeds in awakening Miyu who runs off. At the same time Shizuru goes off the deep end and summons her Child to fight Yukino while Natsuki tries to stop her, but is unable to use her powers. Shizuru easily kills off Diana, Yukino's Child, and Haruka disappears. Mai goes to confront Yukariko at the church and is put into a dreamlike daze by the Sister's Child while she asks her what kind of world she really wants. Natsuki runs away from Shizuru's place and collapses on the sidewalk and is taken to the hospital, where Tate runs into her. She tells him about Mai's situation and why she's been so cold to him, and he runs off to look for her (even though he's supposed to be meeting Shiho outside where it's raining >D). Natsuki returns to her dorm only to get trapped in Nao's web where she's already trapped several guys that are all wrapped up... looks like she's been waiting for her there for awhile.


Man I love when Tate chose to go find Mai rather than meeting with Shiho, even though I know that's only gonna majorly piss Shiho off. I didn't even really feel bad when she fell out of her wheelchair and got stuck in the rain (yah, I know I'm evil...). Anyways, it was pretty sad when Haruka died, but at least she went out with a bit of a bang (which would be her style I suppose). Shizuru's seriously starting to freak me out now, and I wonder what she was doing with Natsuki while she was sleeping... that's just a little creepy. It's always the calm and cool people you need to be careful with I suppose. =)


Episode 24:

We go inside Mai's dream world where her family is together with Takumi and Mikoto as her siblings, Tate as her crush and Shiho as his little sister. Tate wins a kendo tournament and confesses his feelings to Mai with the sun setting behind them. As they are about to kiss, she realizes that this is in fact not real and that she can't have these feelings for Tate that could get him killed.

Back in the real world... Tate crashes into the church just as Mai is about to be engulfed by Yukariko's Child and knocks her out of the way. Yukariko ends up embracing Ishigami while they are both swallowed by her Child. Shizuru goes on a destruction spree and destroys the First District then moves on to find Nao whose Child she does away with pretty quickly. Natsuki is able to summon her powers again by realizing what's important to her and that she and Nao are very much alike. Shizuru is about to kill Nao herself but Natsuki stops her.

Nagi pays Shiho a visit and awakens all her hate of Mai within her and she is revealed as the ghost-like HiME in white (well duh...) and she is majorly pissed now (I never noticed this before, but as a HiME she wears the bridal gown that she showed Mai in an early episode, ironic isn't it? Yes.. I am slow). She attacks Mai after finding her and Tate coming out of the chuch and we learn that she is the one that killed Akira's HiME and therefore, killed Takumi. Mikoto is around and she overhears this, feeling relief that she didn't kill him. Mai refuses to attack Shiho's Child directly and tells Shiho that if either of their Childs die, then Tate will die! Of course Shiho is pretty outside herself right now and doesn't listen. Suddenly, Mikoto jumps in the fray and kills Shiho's Child and this time as Mai gets outraged again, she sees a tear fall down Mikoto's cheek as she says that it was an order from Ani-ue. Of course, now it's Tate's time to go and he disappears as Mai kisses him...


Okay, I said I wasn't gonna do a summary and I ended up doing a pretty long one... oh well! Anyways, this was definetly one of the better episodes in the whole series and really gave you a broad range of emotions from the beginning with the light-hearted dream world to the end with the few HiMEs left all pretty much losing their minds. Mai no longer has her "person most important to her" so she really has no reason to fight anymore. Natsuki is pretty much torn up about everything, Shizuru is completely insane and Mikoto is being controlled by her brother (though this episode showed her really starting to doubt herself a lot). Plus I'm really not sure of Miyu's role in everything, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna find that out shortly... As for Shiho, I just really hated her all along, I never felt that sorry for her and the only thing I regret is that she loved Tate so he had to die =(. Of course, with this anime... a happy ending really doesn't seem possibly at this point, but maybe they'll suprise me!


Peach Girl Episodes 8 & 9

Episode 8:

Sae is jealous of Touji and Momo's relationship even though she's dating Jigoro, the popular male model, even though he showers her with affection and presents. She tells him she'll only be happy with Touji and schemes to once again attempt to break him and Momo up again. Meanwhile, Touji and Momo are still trying to kiss, but always get interrupted.

Sae decides to confess to Touji and tells him that she loves him and tries to get him to kiss her again for one last time. He refuses, but she sets a trap that he falls in (literally) and she kisses him on the cheek in front of Momo (who was walking by at the time, thanks to Sae again). Momo slaps Touji, but kisses him immediately after, and tells Sae "He's mine!". Of course, Sae doesn't get the message once again... and gets Jigoro in on it this time.

Episode 9:

Momo's birthday is in a couple days and Touji plans to spend a nice evening and dinner with her at his house with no one else at home... Of course, in the middle of their makeout session, Sae calls Momo and says she's been dumped by Jigoro and wants her to talk some sense into him. At the same time, she tells Jigoro to take Momo out on a date so that she will leave Sae alone about dating him since Momo's suuuuch a huge fan of Jigoro (right...). Momo gets in Jigoro's car and Sae heads to Touji's house... dressed as Momo! She turns off the light as she walks in and starts making out with Touji (you'd think he'd notice the difference in body shape at least..).

Meanwhile, Momo is with Jigoro and he tries to kiss her, thinking that's what she wants. She pushes him away and gets out of the car. When she tries to call Sae, Sae's phone rings back at Touji's and he notices that the ringtone is different from before. He turns on the light to see Sae there and freaks out. Sae tells him that she's in love with him (again) and that Momo is on a date with Jigoro. They go out to look for Momo as Touji is no longer believing anything Sae says anymore (at least we hope so). Kairi calls and says he saw Momo in the car with Jigoro and they all go searching in the direction the car was going.

Jigoro chases Momo down trying to talk to her (probably about Sae), but Momo thinks he's going to attack her. She runs into a wearhouse and a bunch of boxes fall on her, knocking her unconcious. Jigoro takes her back to his place and puts her in his bed and goes into the shower. At the same time, Touji and Kairi have Sae take them to Jigoro's apartment. They walk in just as Jigoro gets out of the shower and Momo wakes up finding herself half naked and in his bed (of course she thinks that he had his way with her while she was out). Touji comes to the same conclusion when he sees Momo crying and beats Jigoro about the face for awhile (while Sae comments, "You can't hit a model in the face!" hahaha...). Jigoro of course has no idea what's going on as he's a pawn in Sae's little scheme for the first time. Sae won't admit to setting everything up, but Kairi sees right through it of course.

Momo figures Touji will want to break up with her because of what happened, but he says it's not her fault and nothing's changed. Kairi then swears that they will have their revenge on Sae soon... =)


Hmmm.. I typed a long summary for that. Oh well! =) These were some good episodes and had a lot going on which was nice. I feel really bad for Jigoro, poor guy. He really likes Sae, but she loves another guy and he's just trying to make her happy and see what happens to him? I feel bad for any guy she ends up with... I wonder how Momo is going to feel once she finds out about the whole Sae dressing up as Momo thing, especially since she got pretty hot and heavy with Touji for awhile (good thing Sae's cell went off, or else who knows what would have happened... hasn't anyone heard of silencing your phone, btw??).

Btw, Momo and Sae looked especially cute in these eps with their hair being styled differently and stuff. =)