A Little Slow...

Well, there hasn't been much to blog lately, as there haven't been many releases for the series I've been capping (except Tsukuyomi, but haven't been in the mood to watch that). Another reason for the slowness is this, I've been playing surrogate mom to a less than week old kitten this week which is extremely time consuming on top of work and everything else. I am really exhausted... lol but hopefully it will be worth it. =) I added one of my favorite songs, Pure Snow from Himiko-den, and also the song that Alysia Searss sings in Mai-Hime. Enjoy! And hopefully more capping will be done soon...

Oh and the Mai-HiME song is an mpc file, so you will need a plugin which you can find here or somewhere else if you want, just google it!


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Mina said...

The kitten is adorable, hope it will survive! Good luck.
Anime is not important compared to a beautiful living creature like that ^^


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