Mahoraba Episode 6

Tamami asks a favor of Shiratori and even though he's tired from being kept all night partying, she blackmails him with a picture of him and Kozue and he ends up doing it anyways. She takes him to her (and Kozue's) school, which is an all girls' school, to get something she left there. Along the way they meet a few interesting characters including the president of the Occult Club that Tamami is an inactive member of. They also meet a couple archery girls and several others while Tamami calls Shiratori a pervert in front of all of them. The item that Tamami forgot was a very heavy bonsai tree which she makes Shiratori carry home.

When they finally make it home Shiratori and Tamami talk to each other through the wall in the bath. Tamami asks him how he feels about living there, and Shiratori decides it really isn't all bad. As he is ready to finally get some sleep, everyone decides to party in his room again all night... (and Tamami reveals that she can carry the bonsai, and juggle it, very easily all by herself!)


Cute episode that revealed a little more of Tamami's personality and her background. You can tell that she really loves Kozue and she's using her time to test Shiratori to make sure he is a good match for her. Unfortunately, she kind of doesn't use the best of methods to do this, but at least they're effective and funny!


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