Mai-HiME Episode 19

Mai discovers that Takumi feels that she is a burden on him (since he's so indebted to her for all she does for him), as well as discovering that Akira is a HiME. She also finds out that Tate had been in the kendo club in jr. high but had to drop out because of a knee injury. He became somewhat of a delinquent after that for awhile, but Shiho had stayed by his side. Therefore, he pretty much feels that he must do the same for her now that she is injured because of him. Another development is that Akira is in love with Takumi and it looks like the feeling is mutual (awwww... psuedo shounen-ai).

Yukino attacks Mai out of pure helplessness to keep Haruka from dying (apparently someone's been threatening her). Mai tells Mikoto to stop protecting her recklessly and that she doesn't really know what it means to love someone (pretty much over her frustration with Takumi). Takumi collapses and goes to the hospital where he tells Mai that he will indeed go to America for the surgery. He tells Mai that she needs to live for herself and do what will make her happy. On her way home, she sits on the swings at the park and sees Tate wheeling Shiho by. Shiho sees Mai and makes Tate kiss her (that bitch!) to prove that he's not just paying her so much attention because he feels guilty and sorry for her (which is probably what it is). Tate kisses her as Mai looks on, then he notices that Mai is there and she runs away.

Mai now feels that she's lost everything important to her in life...


Wow, this was a pretty deep episode. It had funny/cute/sweet moments with Akira and Takumi and really emotional moments between Mai and Mikoto. I was pretty upset about the whole Tate and Shiho thing, but I hope I'm right that he really doesn't care for Shiho that way (which is what it seems). Mai seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into a depression, and things will probably only continue to get worse...


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