Mai-HiME Episode 21

Hmm.. a lot happened here, so I'll just hit on some of the main points...

We find out that Shizuru is a HiME (there was a short scene in episode 20 when we could just see her in shadow form). Natsuki is captured by Nao but Shizuru rescues her and almost defeats Nao and her Child. Mai is taken to Reito's place and consoled by him in front of a warm fire. Little does she know that he is the Obsidian Prince and the one that is causing all of this chaos (at least I think so...). We also find out that Mashiro is the Crystal Princess who knows the secret behind the HiMEs. Mashiro goes to what she seems to know is her final battle to fight Reito, but Mikoto protects him (by her own will or not?). Shortly thereafter, we see a doll form of Mashiro hanging from wires above the throne of the Obsidian Prince at his coronation.


I'm kinda confused as to the specific stuff that is going on with the First District, the Searrs Foundation and everything else.. but I suppose that will all become more clear as well as the true purpose of the HiMEs. This was a good episode nonetheless, and focused more on Natsuki and other characters rather than on Mai (since she's kind of in a depression right now).


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