Peach Girl Episode 10

Kairi gets revenge on Sae by tricking her to going to an "audition" for a movie which actually turns out to be her being "attacked" by a large S&M type guy. Kairi tells Momo and Touji about his little revenge scheme and Momo goes to save her. Momo kicks the chubby attacker and knocks him out cold, but Sae is obviously upset and blames Momo (even tho Kairi tells her it was his doing, and he was just trying to scare her). Sae also tells Momo that nothing happened in the hotel room with Jigoro, and Momo is relieved but tells Sae that she is cutting her off completely and wants nothing to do with her anymore.

The next day at school, Momo and Touji plan a trip to the amusement park to make up for what happened on her birthday, and Momo is excited. Sae confronts Touji with the picture she took of Momo and Jigoro in the hotel room and threatens to release the pictures which will hurt Momo's reputation and possibly get her expelled unless Touji breaks up with her. Touji refuses, but Sae makes it clear that she is serious.

At the amusement park, Touji is obviously distracted by Sae's threat and Sae calls Momo during the date and askes to talk to Touji. She threatens again, and lets him know she is spying on them during their date, so he runs around trying to find her. Momo wants to know what's going on, but Touji tells her it's nothing. Touji wants to leave the amusement park (possibly to go and try to stop Sae), but Momo wants to ride the ferris wheel before they go. As they are riding it while the sun sets, Touji secretly dials Sae and when she answers he tells Momo he is tired of everything and wants to break up. Momo is of course shocked...

Later that night, Touji meets up with Sae and she gives him the pictures which he burns and then he deletes the picture off her phone. Sae asks when they're going on a date, and Touji replies he never agreed to go out with her and planned to go apologize to Momo. Of course, knowing Sae, she has another trick up her sleeve and reveals that she has a copy of the picture on a disk at home. Touji is pissed but knows that Sae has once again manipulated things in her favor.

The next day at school, Sae and Touji arrive arm in arm and Sae tells everyone they are dating now. Kairi runs off to Momo and tells her what's happening and she does her best to try to find Touji to get the the bottom of things. Kairi traps Touji so Momo can find him and she confronts him about why he broke up with her and if he's really dating Sae now. Then when Sae appears, he kisses her in front of Momo and Kairi, much to their disbelief...


Oh man is Touji an idiot... it's really kind of infuriating at this point. Sae has really turned into the complete bitch from hell, and Touji kind of deserves her with his coldness and stupidity. I'm pretty sure Momo would rather be expelled from school than put up with all this crap, I know I would. Besides, it's not like Sae could prove anything from a picture like that, for all anyone knows it could be photoshop'd or something (like in GTO >D). I really seriously think that Momo would be much better off with Kairi at this point definetly. Touji is just way too stupid and easy to manipulate... it's too bad cause he was starting to grow on me with the last couple of episodes, but that's all gone down the toilet now. Ahh well, maybe she'll realize what a good friend Kairi is and see the light finally... we'll see!


At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Reika said...

I just watched this over the weekend (actually, marathoning all of Peach Girl, a masochistic exercise in itself) and I agree that Touji and Sae do deserve each other. Touji should know after all that they've been through that keeping secrets only brings trouble, yet he decides to be manly and protective of Momo by not telling her of Sae's latest scheme.

Love reading your opinions -- keep it up! :)


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