Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 4

Interesting that we'd have a "filler" episode already... or I guess you could call it that.

Well since this was pretty much an anime exclusive story, I won't elaborate on the summary until I watch the sub...
Basically Sakura wakes up while everyone except Arashi is out and she tries on some clothes and leaves, unbeknownst to Arashi until she walks in and sees Sakura missing. Sakura goes around looking for her own feathers... and stumbles into a couple of the gang memebers on the way. Eventually she finds her way back to Syaoran and the others, but she is asleep again (having flown through the sky and passed out, falling to the ground).


Primela made a short cameo here and she will have her fun in the next episode (though this time it looks like she'll be using music instead of words as her Kudan... which works better in anime than the words would I'm sure).

I wasn't real crazy about this episode just because it detracts from what is going on with everyone else. It didn't really make sense to me that Sakura would wake up and just wander around and not really seem to worry about the fact that her mind is almost a total blank. However, maybe this will all make sense in the long run? Oh and the animation seemed kinda lacking in this episode as well... especially near the beginning of the episode.

Loveless Episode 4: Friendless

Summary to follow... not much really happened anyways...


Peach Girl Episode 13

Momo and Kairi have been dating for a couple of months now when his ex-girlfriend, Morika, comes unto the scene. Apparently Kairi's older brother is quite the player and had stolen Morika away from him. Despite Kairi saying he and Morka never dated seriously, she tells a different story to Momo. Momo basically ignores her and has faith that Kairi sees only her. However, as Momo is about to find Kairi and give him a gift she made for him, she sees him talking with Morika and making plans to meet her at a hotel...


Of course, just as Momo and Kairi are getting close, something like this has to happen. However everything just looks like a misunderstanding which should hopefully be cleared up quickly, Kairi is not as stupid as Touji so I'm not too too worried. I was slightly annoyed by the below-average animation in this episode... everyone just looked really ugly most of the time... Hopefully we'll get more pretty episodes like ep 12! =)


Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 3

Syaoran returns Sakura's feather to her and she warms up a little bit. Sorata and Arashi finally show up and give them a place to stay. Mokona points out that he can let them know when a feather is close by going "Mekyo" (his eyes get big and scary...). We learn more about what happened when Kurogane was sent to Yuuko by Tomoyo... and he sees a Tomoyo-hime look alike in Hanshin and chases after her. He loses track of her but is accousted by one of the Kudan gangs and is attacked by the chubby guy's horseshoe crab kudan. A large blue dragon (Selece)appears as his kudan and turns into a sword with which he counters the crab's attacks.

Meanwhile, Syaoran and Fye are led to a restaurant by Mokono to find Hanshin's version of Touya and Yukito working there! Of course Syaoran thinks they are the king and high priest at first, but quickly remembers that there are alternate versions of everyone around.

That night, Syaoran finally gets some much needed sleep, and while everyone rests, Sakura opens her eyes and sits up, staring somewhat blankly at the sleeping Syaoran...


Ooookay.. a few changes here:

1. Well we finally do meet Sorata and Arashi, but they play a much minor role in the fact that they're just providing shelter and aren't the ones to give the Hashin and Kudan lessons to everyone.

2. Kurogane never saw a Tomoyo look-alike and all 3 of them, plus Masayoshi, were at the Okonomiyaki place and all of them were also together when they fought the horseshoe crab guy (though Kuro was the one to fight him anyways).

3. Sakura does NOT wake up at this point and only revives somewhat when the next feather is returned.

I wonder how they're going to handle this... is this just going to be a solitary incident and she is asleep when they all get up until the next feather? or is she going to be awake pretty much from now on? I suppose that will remain to be seen. I'm hoping they still pull off the scene from the manga when she first wakes up when her feather is returned... because it's a very poignant and heartwrenching moment.

Aaanyways, I was happy with this episode and keep in mind that I'm not really nit-picking the episodes because they somewhat differ from the manga, I just thought people might be interested in what changes were made =).

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Matantei Loki Ragnarok Episode 5

There is a phantom thief in town, and Mayura's on the case. She tries to convince Loki to help, but he seems uninterested. Upon finding out that Kaitou Freyr's next target is the Brisings' Necklace, and that Freyr is sending him a direct challenge, he joins in the capture.

Upon talking to Freyr and seeing the necklace, Loki asks him if "she" is on earth as well. Apparently "she" refers to Freyr's sister, Freya, to whom the necklace belongs. As Loki fights Freyr, Heimdall sends his hawk to grab the necklace...


Here's some background info on some of these characters in norse mythology in case you're interested...

Thor (Narugami) and his Sword/Hammer

oh and here's a blurb on Gullinbrusti: The golden bristled boar crafted by Brokk and Sindri during their wager with Loki. The boar is said to be able to run through the air and over the sea, day or night. Also, it shines so brightly that wherever it goes, no matter how gloomy the surrounding, the boar will light the way.

and Brisings' Necklace, Brisingamen: The beautiful golden necklace given to Freya by four dwarves; Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin and Grerr.

Who knew you could learn stuff from anime? =)


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Loveless Episode 3: Bondless

No battles this time, but a really good epiosde! Ritsuka is still confused about Soubi's feelings for him and his feelings for Soubi... Soubi gives him a cell phone so he can reach him anytime, even though Ritsuka protests. We are also introduced to Yayoi, a guy who's in love with Yuiko and was rejected by her because he was "too short" and he provides some much needed comedy relief =). Of course he's upset that Yuiko likes Ritsuka because he is also quite short...

We discover that Soubi is a Japanese Art student at a university and we are also introduced to one of his fellow students/friends/maybe more (?), Kio, who also provides some laughs as well. Soubi has Ritsuka pierce his ears to show that he is bound to him and can order him to do anything he wants. Ritsuka uses the opportunity to order Soubi to tell him anything he knows about the Seven Moon, but Soubi tells him he can't...


Man that ear piercing scene was interesting... Anyways! I'm glad they introduced a couple new characters to spice things up a little bit. The confession scene with Yayoi and Yuiko was pretty hilarious... I'm also interested to find out the connection between Soubi and Kio. This episode proves that this series is just as good without the battles, actually I kind of prefer it this way... This show is definetly getting very addicting...

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Peach Girl Episode 12

A few months pass and it's the beginning of the new school year. Momo and Kairi seem to be getting closer and they are in the same class again (of course... so are Sae and Touji). On a class trip, Momo and Kairi hang out a lot together and seem pretty happy, despite Sae's attempts at making Momo jealous of her and Touji. Touji pretty much answers to Sae's demands, but shows no emotions and refuses to even talk to her. Kairi's fanclub and Sae try to get Momo lost in the woods, but Kairi finds her eventually... then he kisses her!

Needless to say, Momo is confused about her emotions towards Kairi, and thinks that she is using him since she doesn't really love him. She still loves Touji, but enjoys being around Kairi and having the attention he gives her. When she tells Kairi this, he replies that he's happy just to be around her (awwww!) and he doesn't care if she still loves Touji, as long as he can make Momo happy. Oh and they kiss again... =)


Oh man, I was loving this episode as I'm sure you could guess. All along I've been waiting for her to see what a great guy Kairi is, and I think it's really starting to become apparently to her. From the looks of the next episode, it seems that things may start going downhill again, but it was worth it for this episode cause it just made me nice and happy.