Well, I finished several series (that I didn't blog or didn't blog all of) within the last couple weeks, so I thought I'd give a short note/rating for each of the series in case anyone is interested (which I doubt...).

Haibane Renmei - got the DVD's from Netflix and I really enjoyed this series. Overall it was kind of sad and at the same time was really cute and sweet. I had watched a couple episodes when they aired, but it was a little slow for me at the time, however this time around I had more time to sit down and enjoy them and that I did! It probably isn't the most memorable series or anything, but it was a good watch. (B+)

Sukisyo - this didn't appeal to me too much in the beginning because the animation was pretty crappy... However, I got over that pretty quickly and started to really like the show. It starts out very lighthearted with a subtle hint of the mysteries to come, but then you get the full brunt of it in the last few episodes. This show is definetly considered shounen-ai so it won't be for everyone (in fact, I'm pretty sure there are no females in existance in this show). (B)

Air TV - Very sad ending =( but that was to be expected... I was holding out some hope that Yukito would come back, but maybe he never existed to begin with. I'm not sure when the movie is coming out, but hopefully pretty soon! I think I liked this more than Kanon, as it definetly has a higher production value, but they are both very good (if you love Air and haven't seen Kanon, do it!). (A-)

Genshiken - I stopped watching this about halfway thru when it first came out.. and my friends were bored one night a week or so ago and I mentioned this show (thinking they would find it pretty boring) and they absolutely loved it. I think that's because this show works better with your own personal group of nerds/dorks to watch the nerdiness on screen. There were definetly some episodes that were more boring than others, but it's worth it for the moments of brilliance/hilarity that often happen throughout the series. If you yourself are very obsessed with anime/manga/models/doujins/etc and you have friends that are as well, you should probably enjoy this series... tho it helps to have a dry sense of humor. (B+)

Also, I'm rewatching Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu with some of my friends who haven't seen it before, and I'm reminded of how great the show is... so watch that if you haven't! (and you like silliness...)

this post was really hard to do with a 5 1/2 week old kitten attacking my hands and walking across my laptop.....


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