Mai-HiME Episode 26 (Final)

Ahh.. the final battle. Mai and Mikoto face off while Mashiro awakens the power of all the HiMEs by reviving their special person. Tate appears just in time to save Mai from being killed by "Reito" aka Obsidian Lord. While they fight Mai realizes all she has to do is tell Mikoto how she feels about her. Having done so, it breaks the spell her brother had over her and she turns back to normal. Mikoto then stabs Reito's necklace, shattering it and releasing the Kakuyou no Kimi spirit from him, which becomes some big sword-like thing with an eyeball (???).

With the help of the other HiME, they are able to defeat the giant ugly sword thingy and things can now go back to normal... First tho, everyone's HiME mark disappears, and Kagutsuchi flies away/disappears. It also appears that Mikoto dies, but she simply passed out from hunger... (oookay). We are given glimpses of everyone's happy new lives and all the weirdness that unfolds... here's a quick summary on what happens to everyone:


Akane - happily together with Kazu again.
Yukino - being initiated into being executive director by none other than Haruka.
Fumi - becomes the director of the school in Mashiro's place. I think...
Miyu and Nao - become nuns in training??? What the....
Yukariko - obviously not a nun anymore as she is veeeery pregnant.
Alyssa - back with her Miyu again. (Where did she come from???)
Natsuki - has her usual chat with Sakomizu-sensei, who chides her for missing so much school.
Shizuru - threatens to not graduate so she can be with Natsuki...
Mai - together with Tate, and they're obviously very happy together. =)
Shiho - still very jealous of Mai and Tate, but seems to not want to kill Mai anymore.. which is good!
Akira - with Takumi in America after his successful surgery (and wearing a skirt!!!! Akira... not Takumi ^_^;).
Midori - off adventuring with her Professor.
Mikoto - happily claiming Mai's breasts for herself, and Mikoto's actually wearing a bra! (from Natsuki)


Mashiro and Nagi - go through some weird door to ______.
Reito - seems back to normal.. as in not evil anymore.


Well, all in all I was pretty pleased with the ending. There were a few vomit-inducing moments that were slightly cheesy, but I let them slide without too much problem. I'm very happy there was a non-depressing ending as the series has been pretty depressing lately. There were also a few moments that felt really out of place, like Mikoto "dying", it was just kind of unnecessary. This last ep did have pretty much everything though, action, comedy, drama and just plain fun stuff. Works for me!

As for the series as a whole, I'd say it's definetly up there on my list of great shows. It had it's down moments when I felt like it wasn't going anywhere, or was just a little bored, but in the end it became very suspenseful and I couldn't wait for the next episode.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Mentar said...

Yay for the upbeat ending ^_^

It was nice having you blog this show. Kudos!

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Mentar said...

Yay for the upbeat ending ^_^

It was nice having you blog this show. Kudos!

At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i liked the ending it was ok not one of the best but it was good.
Here r some of da anime u might be intrested in
-blue seed2
-green green erolutions is one of the new anime am watchin right now.
But good blog and i like peach girl as well

At 2:40 AM, Blogger AIYA said...

i am so glad dat tings r gettin back to normal..im at eps 23 goin to 24..but e downloadin is so slow..i cant wait to view the remainin eps..n mai is with tate!! at last dey reveal how they truly feel bout each other!!! im so glad!!!! tanks 4 e summary!


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