Matantei Loki Ragnarok Episode 2

We find out that Loki was banished from the world of the gods by Odin for some unknown reason and was forced to take on the guise of a child.

Mayura is trying to recruit people at school for the mystery club, but everyone is pretty much scared off. They run across a transfer student named Narugami who always carries his wooden sword with him everywhere. Yamino senses something from him, but Loki is too busy getting fawned over by all the girls. Mayura drags Loki with her around the school to find some mysteries, but Loki disproves all of them... except when a big suit of armor comes to life and starts attacking people.

Loki finds out that it is going after him and even after he defeats the armor, the sword it holds possesses Mayura and she attacks Loki. Lukily, he is saved by Narugami's wooden sword that comes flying toward them. Then the sword from the suit of armor seems to come to life on it's own and attacks him, but Yamino saves him by throwing Loki's staff. Narugami acts as if he is going to attack Loki, but Loki reveals that Narugami is Thor, the Norse god of thunder (cept he has a sword instead of a hammer?).


Yes, Mayura sure gets possessed a lot throughout the show, tho as far as I remember it kind of dwindles as time goes on and the story gets deeper. Narugami is a pretty funny character and he provides a lot of the comedy relief thoughout the show... One of the best parts of this episode, however, is how much of a player Loki is, he sure can get the women even with such a young appearance =).


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