Matantei Loki Ragnarok Episode 4

Not really any plot revealed this time, but a cute story from Mayura's past. Mayura's dad grounds her from going to Loki's for awhile because he's tired of her obsession with detective stuff. Loki is bribed by pizza to help Mayura, so he sends them into their past to when Mayura was young and her mother had recently died. Mayura was obsessed with detectives even then because the last thing her mother had bought her was a book about a detective cat.

She goes on a search to find her mother unbeknownst to her father and he goes in search of her. When he finally catches up to her at the amusement park, she is upset because her mother is not there where she expected her to be. He father reassures her and says that he will take her mother's place. When chibi-Mayura asks how he found her, he says it's because he's a famous detective! Older Mayura comments that that's when she first decided she wanted to be a detective as well, because she wanted to be like her daddy (awwww!).


Very cute and heartwarming episode... tho it doesn't have much to do with anything except give us a little bit of insight to Mayura's past and her father's personality. Next time is Freyr... he's pretty funny. =)

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At 9:54 AM, Anonymous MahouChibiOtaku said...

Yeah I noticed that in this one Loki gets more facial expression besides just blank! hes soooo cool -fangirl squeal-


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