Peach Girl Episode 12

A few months pass and it's the beginning of the new school year. Momo and Kairi seem to be getting closer and they are in the same class again (of course... so are Sae and Touji). On a class trip, Momo and Kairi hang out a lot together and seem pretty happy, despite Sae's attempts at making Momo jealous of her and Touji. Touji pretty much answers to Sae's demands, but shows no emotions and refuses to even talk to her. Kairi's fanclub and Sae try to get Momo lost in the woods, but Kairi finds her eventually... then he kisses her!

Needless to say, Momo is confused about her emotions towards Kairi, and thinks that she is using him since she doesn't really love him. She still loves Touji, but enjoys being around Kairi and having the attention he gives her. When she tells Kairi this, he replies that he's happy just to be around her (awwww!) and he doesn't care if she still loves Touji, as long as he can make Momo happy. Oh and they kiss again... =)


Oh man, I was loving this episode as I'm sure you could guess. All along I've been waiting for her to see what a great guy Kairi is, and I think it's really starting to become apparently to her. From the looks of the next episode, it seems that things may start going downhill again, but it was worth it for this episode cause it just made me nice and happy.


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thank you for having such a great episode guide for peach girl!! I hope you'll have more peach girl episodes to post!!! tnx!!


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