Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 2

Well I DID write a summary, but blogger decided to be stupid and not publish correctly so I lost all that I wrote (my fault for not copying it...). Anyways, I'll write it up later. For now... my comments!

Some somewhat minor changes from the manga here... first of all, the appearance of Rayearth in the transporting vortex thingy was not in the manga. Also, they ended up appearing in the middle of a battle in Hanshin rather than being at Sorata and Arashi's place and being given the background of the Hanshin Republic and the "kudan" (which was funny and helpful, so I'm disappointed they left this out...). Another change was that in the manga Sakura's first feather was immediately given to her when they arrived in Hanshin, rather than Syaoran having to chase after it and such. Despite the changes, I was pretty pleased with the episode, tho it seemed that the animation suffered a little during the whole Yuuko scene (she looked weird!), but that was mostly all talking and stuff so I suppose it didn't really matter...

Can't wait til ep 3!

Episode 1
Episode 3


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