Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 3

Syaoran returns Sakura's feather to her and she warms up a little bit. Sorata and Arashi finally show up and give them a place to stay. Mokona points out that he can let them know when a feather is close by going "Mekyo" (his eyes get big and scary...). We learn more about what happened when Kurogane was sent to Yuuko by Tomoyo... and he sees a Tomoyo-hime look alike in Hanshin and chases after her. He loses track of her but is accousted by one of the Kudan gangs and is attacked by the chubby guy's horseshoe crab kudan. A large blue dragon (Selece)appears as his kudan and turns into a sword with which he counters the crab's attacks.

Meanwhile, Syaoran and Fye are led to a restaurant by Mokono to find Hanshin's version of Touya and Yukito working there! Of course Syaoran thinks they are the king and high priest at first, but quickly remembers that there are alternate versions of everyone around.

That night, Syaoran finally gets some much needed sleep, and while everyone rests, Sakura opens her eyes and sits up, staring somewhat blankly at the sleeping Syaoran...


Ooookay.. a few changes here:

1. Well we finally do meet Sorata and Arashi, but they play a much minor role in the fact that they're just providing shelter and aren't the ones to give the Hashin and Kudan lessons to everyone.

2. Kurogane never saw a Tomoyo look-alike and all 3 of them, plus Masayoshi, were at the Okonomiyaki place and all of them were also together when they fought the horseshoe crab guy (though Kuro was the one to fight him anyways).

3. Sakura does NOT wake up at this point and only revives somewhat when the next feather is returned.

I wonder how they're going to handle this... is this just going to be a solitary incident and she is asleep when they all get up until the next feather? or is she going to be awake pretty much from now on? I suppose that will remain to be seen. I'm hoping they still pull off the scene from the manga when she first wakes up when her feather is returned... because it's a very poignant and heartwrenching moment.

Aaanyways, I was happy with this episode and keep in mind that I'm not really nit-picking the episodes because they somewhat differ from the manga, I just thought people might be interested in what changes were made =).

Episode 1
Episode 2


At 4:18 PM, Anonymous JSanimeobssessed said...

cool i want to see!!thanks!!

At 9:10 AM, Blogger lance said...

wow i wish you tell some more. im don't why im so obessed with thier do you what is the last episode?

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Expurgated-Evil said...

I've Seen More Eps, but doesn't matter. Your Blog about it was very specific about what happened and didn't leak out any info on what would've ruined the Anime if given out. GJ, write more blogs about more anime too ^_^.

At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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