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Just wanted to let you guys know that there won't be any updates until the middle of next week (probably). I will be in lovely Wisconsin until Tuesday for my little brother's wedding. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 7

Syaoran and co. arrive in a new place and Sakura is harrassed by some big guy. Syaoran proceeds to beat him up and finds out he is the son of the leader of the area. A young girl appears named Chun'yan (Chun Hyang?) and she takes them to her house. It seems she's been waiting for someone/some people called the Miteshu who supposedly have a message for her and she thought that Syaoran and the others were them. She takes them in anyways, but the house is soon attacked by Ryoshi, the leader of the city, with a tornado-like wind.

Kurogane and Fai (Kinda) repair the damage done to Chun'yan's house and she takes Sakura and Syaoran out to find some local clothes. Sakura ends up winning a lottery big time and gets free clothes for all of them. Chun'yan asks if Sakura has always been lucky, but Sakura replies that she can't remember and explains their journey to her. Chun'yan sees smoke rising from the village and they run to help. Ryoshi's son is wreaking havoc again on innocent villagers and he uses Chun'yan's mother's fan to create men that attack them. Syaoran beats them all pretty easily, but Ryoshi helps out his son and creates more of a problem for them. Ryoshi's son destroys the fan and he leaves, but Chun'yan is crushed that her late mother's only remaining possession is now gone.


This was a pretty good ep, tho I thought it was strange that they would change some of the names and stuff... like Amenosa became Miteshu... but I don't really care. Also, the dice game was changed to a lottery wheely thing that the balls pop out of (like you see on every anime...), is it to discourage kids from gambling or something? Anyways, the episode was entertaining, and Chun'yan is very cute. The sunset background in the latter part of the episode was very pretty I must say... Hopefully they won't take too long to move on to the next country tho, I want things to start moving at a little quicker pace.


Peach Girl Episode 16

Momo has trouble accepting that Kairi loves Misao more than her and Kairi doesn't want to hurt Momo even though he still loves her. Kairi tries to talk to Momo and basically has to drown himself in the pool to get her attention. He tells her of how Misao was the first person to care for him as himself and not as Ryo's little brother. He tells Momo he loves her, but loves Misao even more and tells Momo he wants to break up so he won't hurt her anymore. Momo is torn up by this and runs into Touji and tells him what happened with Kairi.

The next day, Touji punches Kairi and tells him he shouldn't have left Momo in his care. Touji goes out to talk to Momo and tells her he wants to go out with her, and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away saying that she really loves Kairi, and Touji tells her to go tell Kairi that (he was testing her apparently?). She confronts Kairi at the pool and tells him it's okay if they break up, but then she asks him out! She tells him she wants a fresh start with him and it's okay if he loves her 2nd best.. for now.


I'm glad Momo and Kairi are back together... I was worried for a second that she'd go out with Touji again and the cycle would start all over, but thank god that didn't happen. I feel bad for Touji, but I kinda think he's getting what he deserves after being such an idiot. It's hard to really understand Kairi's feelings for Misao, but I think Momo hit it on the head with his unwillingness to get too close to anyone. Momo really showed her strength by accepting that Kairi loves another woman more than her and is commited to convincing him otherwise. This part is especially close to my heart because I experienced something similiar to this before... =)

Anyways, the animation made a drastic improvement from the previous couple eps, and I'm pretty sure this is probably my favorite Peach Girl ep so far!

Loveless Episode 6: Painless

Ritsuka questions the meaning of love and why everyone keeps using the word "love" with him... Yuiko and everyone try to get Ritsuka to join their club at school, but he says he's busy on Wednesdays. He doesn't tell them why, but he goes to talk to Katsuko-sensei (the psychiatrist/counselor lady who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with him) that day. This time when he meets with her, she invites him on a date and treat him to whatever he wants.

Meanwhile, Ritsuka's teacher is about to make a home visit to his house when she's accosted by an androgynous pair who take control of her using her name. They take her off to an abandoned park, saying it's about time she loses her ears... Luckily Soubi randomly shows off and fight with the pair, called "Zero", who apparently can feel no pain, but seem to enjoy causing it. Fortunately for him (I suppose...), Soubi has been trained to endure pain by his former sensei. However, Zero seems to have an edge in this fight since Soubi's power is reduced to 1/4 because of having a second sacrifice and Loveless no even being there...


I'm very happy that this series is once again really commanding my interest. Zero definitely seem more formidable than past Fighter/Sacrifice pairs in that they definitely do not seem to have the human feelings that the other pairs had. Also the fact that they are pretty much androgynous (tho most likely male) adds to that non-human quality (not to mention the fact they don't feel pain...). It was interesting to see a little of Soubi's past as well since this is the first time we've seen him younger and more vulnerable.

I also enjoyed the cute SD stuff in the beginning and that the episode started very humorously and cute, but turned pretty dark towards the end. This is also the first real cliffhanger episode there's been... which is annoying!!!


Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 6

Syaoran fights Shougo without much of a resolution... Masayoshi's kudan grows very large to protect him and Mokona pin-points the feather to be in his kudan. Syaoran dives at the very large kudan that is causing havoc on the streets of Hanshin and pulls the feather out. He delivers the feather back to Sakura and she wakes up... wondering who he is. He explains that she is a princess who lost her memories and that they are traveling with her to help her find them. Syaoran goes outside in the rain, protected by the 3 kudan...

Everyone goes out for okonomiyaki afterwards and hang out one last time before they leave Hanshin to go to the new world. As they are in the vortex on the way to the new place, Sakura grabs Syaoran's hand, saying she's scared.


Well we finally got our dramatic moment! It actually was okay, but I gotta say it was a lot more emotional for me in the manga. My main gripe with the way they did it was that Syaoran was spotless after his fight with Masayoshi's kudan and everything, where as in the manga he was all beat up and actually looked like he went through hell to get that feather. This added a lot for me at the moment he returns the feather, because it shows how much he suffered to give her that single feather, and yet she looks at him saying "Anata... dare?".

Aaaanyways, this ep was alright I suppose, I'm glad we're moving on from Hanshin finally. The next world isn't my favorite either, but it should be a pretty short one I think.

Peach Girl Episode 15

Ryo continues his advances on Momo, but she kicks his ass. Kairi has no problem now convincing Momo that Ryo is a bad person. Ryo hits on Sae and gives her another of his infamous necklaces. She brags to Momo about it thinking Momo likes Ryo, and offers to give Touji back to her, which she almost considers for a second (NOOOOO!!!). Momo and Kairi go to Ryo's office to confront him, and Ryo corners Momo in the women's bathroom and tells her that Kairi won't embrace the girl he truly loves (which of course he's done to Momo a million times). She's doesn't really believe him, but can't help but wonder...

Later, Momo goes over to Kairi's house and he makes a move on her and she doesn't resist... but as willing as she is, he stops and leaves her hanging. The next day at school is really awkward and Kairi avoids Momo like the plague. Momo goes over to Misao, the school nurse's, house to get some advice from her, but Kairi shows up unexpectedly. Momo talks to Kairi outside and asks if he loves Misao... and he nods.


Poor Momo, she can never catch a break can she? Just when she thinks she's with a guy that will be honest with her and truly love her, she finds out he's in love with another woman... I kinda had a feeling they were leading towards this, but I still was kind of shocked by the revelation that Kairi was in love with Misao. Looks like Momo may be getting back together with Touji... which will not make me happy.. >/ Overall this was a good episode though, even if it was pretty painful.


Loveless Episode 5: Sleepless

Soubi (and Ritsuka I suppose) fight the new Fighter/Sacrifice pair called "Sleepless" (ironic since Ritsuka was talking about not being able to sleep earlier in the episode), made up of Kinka and Ginka. Soubi wins as usual, and Ritsuka recieves a letter from a teacher at the school of the Seven Moons explaining the death of his brother... or so he thinks. Apparently Soubi has some kind of secret that has to do with the sensei as well.

Later that night, when Ritsuka is in the bath, Soubi sends him a message, and he sends a sweet message back "Go to sleep, chuu" (awwww..).


The action definetly picked up in this episode again with another cool spell battle. Kinka and Ginka seem like an interesting pair, but I doubt they'll be fighting Soubi and Ritsuka again (considering they got beat very badly...). Ritsuka questions Soubi again, this time wondering if he only does things for him because he sees it as an "order". I thought the part at the end where they were sending messages to each other was pretty cute. =) The next episode looks interesting... with some really adorable SD Ritsuka moments (has he even been SD before at all??). Sometimes I forget that Ritsuka is supposed to be 12...