Loveless Episode 5: Sleepless

Soubi (and Ritsuka I suppose) fight the new Fighter/Sacrifice pair called "Sleepless" (ironic since Ritsuka was talking about not being able to sleep earlier in the episode), made up of Kinka and Ginka. Soubi wins as usual, and Ritsuka recieves a letter from a teacher at the school of the Seven Moons explaining the death of his brother... or so he thinks. Apparently Soubi has some kind of secret that has to do with the sensei as well.

Later that night, when Ritsuka is in the bath, Soubi sends him a message, and he sends a sweet message back "Go to sleep, chuu" (awwww..).


The action definetly picked up in this episode again with another cool spell battle. Kinka and Ginka seem like an interesting pair, but I doubt they'll be fighting Soubi and Ritsuka again (considering they got beat very badly...). Ritsuka questions Soubi again, this time wondering if he only does things for him because he sees it as an "order". I thought the part at the end where they were sending messages to each other was pretty cute. =) The next episode looks interesting... with some really adorable SD Ritsuka moments (has he even been SD before at all??). Sometimes I forget that Ritsuka is supposed to be 12...


At 4:57 PM, Anonymous lost ears said...

I was suprised to see the SD in the preview for ep 6. This is definitely the first time the technique has appeared in Loveless. Makes a change from something like the lightweight Sukisyo, with characters turning into chibis at every possible opportunity. It will be interesting to see how this sits in the episode.

But 5 was good well-balanced episode I thought. I think ep 4 probably suffered through too much action concentrating around school.

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey can you tell me where i can watch this on the computer? besides http://a.scarywater.net/suck/ i can't download it form there for some reason. i have seen the first four episodes. i'd like to see the rest that are out. please send me the link. my email is SleepingAliceMH@yahoo.com. thank you


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