Loveless Episode 6: Painless

Ritsuka questions the meaning of love and why everyone keeps using the word "love" with him... Yuiko and everyone try to get Ritsuka to join their club at school, but he says he's busy on Wednesdays. He doesn't tell them why, but he goes to talk to Katsuko-sensei (the psychiatrist/counselor lady who seems to have an unhealthy obsession with him) that day. This time when he meets with her, she invites him on a date and treat him to whatever he wants.

Meanwhile, Ritsuka's teacher is about to make a home visit to his house when she's accosted by an androgynous pair who take control of her using her name. They take her off to an abandoned park, saying it's about time she loses her ears... Luckily Soubi randomly shows off and fight with the pair, called "Zero", who apparently can feel no pain, but seem to enjoy causing it. Fortunately for him (I suppose...), Soubi has been trained to endure pain by his former sensei. However, Zero seems to have an edge in this fight since Soubi's power is reduced to 1/4 because of having a second sacrifice and Loveless no even being there...


I'm very happy that this series is once again really commanding my interest. Zero definitely seem more formidable than past Fighter/Sacrifice pairs in that they definitely do not seem to have the human feelings that the other pairs had. Also the fact that they are pretty much androgynous (tho most likely male) adds to that non-human quality (not to mention the fact they don't feel pain...). It was interesting to see a little of Soubi's past as well since this is the first time we've seen him younger and more vulnerable.

I also enjoyed the cute SD stuff in the beginning and that the episode started very humorously and cute, but turned pretty dark towards the end. This is also the first real cliffhanger episode there's been... which is annoying!!!


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