Peach Girl Episode 14

Kairi's older brother, Ryo, is introduced and it seems that he is the one that Morika wanted to meet at the hotel. Unfortunately, it seems that he has an eye for Momo and decides to get her for his own. He tells Momo that Morika was really dating him when she was messing around with Kairi and ultimately chose Ryo over him when it came down to a choice. He said he let Kairi think this so that he would be angry and him and not Morika. For some reason Momo falls for his story and starts to think Ryo is really a good guy and not the jerk Kairi tells her he is.

Momo invites Kairi on a date, but while he's in the bath, Ryo answers the phone impersonating Kairi and agrees to meet her the next day. Ryo meets with her and tells her that Kairi couldn't make it and invites Momo to a party. After the party he takes her to a green house type place and tells her another story about a girl that Ryo once loved and that died. He tells Momo that she reminds him of his dead girlfriend and wants to hold her. Momo agrees, being the nice person she is, and Kairi walks in of course. He's not angry at her, but slugs his brother in the face. Momo tries to explain what happened, but Kairi tells her that Ryo is lying to her and he's a horrible person. For some reason, Momo doesn't believe him and says that he is really a good person and Kairi just doesn't know it (ok, who's being Touji-stupid now Momo???).


Ahhh... just when things were getting happy again. There's been a total role reversal now where Momo is playing the part of Touji, Kairi is playing Momo and Ryo is the male Sae of course. It seems a little redundant at this point... but I just want things to happen between Momo and Kairi finally and have it work. I think I would be pretty upset if she ends up going back to Touji, but now she's making the same stupid mistake he did... Oh well, we'll see where it goes from here.


At 5:14 PM, Blogger {xoxo}sakari. said...

I agree with you... but don't worry ^^ Kairi pulls through and accepts her apology while also being a caring boyfriend... the big problem ahead, Misao-san. *screams, dies, chokes Kairi for his misjudgement... then hugs him*


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Ramonna said...

Doomo Arigato!

Tá maravilhoso,lindo!!!!



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