Peach Girl Episode 15

Ryo continues his advances on Momo, but she kicks his ass. Kairi has no problem now convincing Momo that Ryo is a bad person. Ryo hits on Sae and gives her another of his infamous necklaces. She brags to Momo about it thinking Momo likes Ryo, and offers to give Touji back to her, which she almost considers for a second (NOOOOO!!!). Momo and Kairi go to Ryo's office to confront him, and Ryo corners Momo in the women's bathroom and tells her that Kairi won't embrace the girl he truly loves (which of course he's done to Momo a million times). She's doesn't really believe him, but can't help but wonder...

Later, Momo goes over to Kairi's house and he makes a move on her and she doesn't resist... but as willing as she is, he stops and leaves her hanging. The next day at school is really awkward and Kairi avoids Momo like the plague. Momo goes over to Misao, the school nurse's, house to get some advice from her, but Kairi shows up unexpectedly. Momo talks to Kairi outside and asks if he loves Misao... and he nods.


Poor Momo, she can never catch a break can she? Just when she thinks she's with a guy that will be honest with her and truly love her, she finds out he's in love with another woman... I kinda had a feeling they were leading towards this, but I still was kind of shocked by the revelation that Kairi was in love with Misao. Looks like Momo may be getting back together with Touji... which will not make me happy.. >/ Overall this was a good episode though, even if it was pretty painful.


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Shanna said...

Just when you thought every thing for momo was going fine. Kairi is in love with Misao. I was shocked and mad, he was everything to momo....but don't worry its gets better.


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