Peach Girl Episode 16

Momo has trouble accepting that Kairi loves Misao more than her and Kairi doesn't want to hurt Momo even though he still loves her. Kairi tries to talk to Momo and basically has to drown himself in the pool to get her attention. He tells her of how Misao was the first person to care for him as himself and not as Ryo's little brother. He tells Momo he loves her, but loves Misao even more and tells Momo he wants to break up so he won't hurt her anymore. Momo is torn up by this and runs into Touji and tells him what happened with Kairi.

The next day, Touji punches Kairi and tells him he shouldn't have left Momo in his care. Touji goes out to talk to Momo and tells her he wants to go out with her, and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away saying that she really loves Kairi, and Touji tells her to go tell Kairi that (he was testing her apparently?). She confronts Kairi at the pool and tells him it's okay if they break up, but then she asks him out! She tells him she wants a fresh start with him and it's okay if he loves her 2nd best.. for now.


I'm glad Momo and Kairi are back together... I was worried for a second that she'd go out with Touji again and the cycle would start all over, but thank god that didn't happen. I feel bad for Touji, but I kinda think he's getting what he deserves after being such an idiot. It's hard to really understand Kairi's feelings for Misao, but I think Momo hit it on the head with his unwillingness to get too close to anyone. Momo really showed her strength by accepting that Kairi loves another woman more than her and is commited to convincing him otherwise. This part is especially close to my heart because I experienced something similiar to this before... =)

Anyways, the animation made a drastic improvement from the previous couple eps, and I'm pretty sure this is probably my favorite Peach Girl ep so far!


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