Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 6

Syaoran fights Shougo without much of a resolution... Masayoshi's kudan grows very large to protect him and Mokona pin-points the feather to be in his kudan. Syaoran dives at the very large kudan that is causing havoc on the streets of Hanshin and pulls the feather out. He delivers the feather back to Sakura and she wakes up... wondering who he is. He explains that she is a princess who lost her memories and that they are traveling with her to help her find them. Syaoran goes outside in the rain, protected by the 3 kudan...

Everyone goes out for okonomiyaki afterwards and hang out one last time before they leave Hanshin to go to the new world. As they are in the vortex on the way to the new place, Sakura grabs Syaoran's hand, saying she's scared.


Well we finally got our dramatic moment! It actually was okay, but I gotta say it was a lot more emotional for me in the manga. My main gripe with the way they did it was that Syaoran was spotless after his fight with Masayoshi's kudan and everything, where as in the manga he was all beat up and actually looked like he went through hell to get that feather. This added a lot for me at the moment he returns the feather, because it shows how much he suffered to give her that single feather, and yet she looks at him saying "Anata... dare?".

Aaaanyways, this ep was alright I suppose, I'm glad we're moving on from Hanshin finally. The next world isn't my favorite either, but it should be a pretty short one I think.


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