Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 7

Syaoran and co. arrive in a new place and Sakura is harrassed by some big guy. Syaoran proceeds to beat him up and finds out he is the son of the leader of the area. A young girl appears named Chun'yan (Chun Hyang?) and she takes them to her house. It seems she's been waiting for someone/some people called the Miteshu who supposedly have a message for her and she thought that Syaoran and the others were them. She takes them in anyways, but the house is soon attacked by Ryoshi, the leader of the city, with a tornado-like wind.

Kurogane and Fai (Kinda) repair the damage done to Chun'yan's house and she takes Sakura and Syaoran out to find some local clothes. Sakura ends up winning a lottery big time and gets free clothes for all of them. Chun'yan asks if Sakura has always been lucky, but Sakura replies that she can't remember and explains their journey to her. Chun'yan sees smoke rising from the village and they run to help. Ryoshi's son is wreaking havoc again on innocent villagers and he uses Chun'yan's mother's fan to create men that attack them. Syaoran beats them all pretty easily, but Ryoshi helps out his son and creates more of a problem for them. Ryoshi's son destroys the fan and he leaves, but Chun'yan is crushed that her late mother's only remaining possession is now gone.


This was a pretty good ep, tho I thought it was strange that they would change some of the names and stuff... like Amenosa became Miteshu... but I don't really care. Also, the dice game was changed to a lottery wheely thing that the balls pop out of (like you see on every anime...), is it to discourage kids from gambling or something? Anyways, the episode was entertaining, and Chun'yan is very cute. The sunset background in the latter part of the episode was very pretty I must say... Hopefully they won't take too long to move on to the next country tho, I want things to start moving at a little quicker pace.


At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Sloggett said...

I think you were the first one to blog this episode. Overall good episode.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger JenniferHPHS said...

Wow you like Tsubasa Chronicle me too.

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