Loveless Episode 11: Warless

This episode follows around Kio, Shinonome-sensei and Ritsuka on a day out to a ferris wheel ride and Chinatown. Basically it's just everyone bonding and not much really happens outside of some character development. However, this is a fun episode and a nice change of pace from all the angst and depression from the previous episodes (not that I don't enjoy that kind of stuff, but you need to break it up once in awhile, right?).

Anyways, the next episode looks very... very... well a change from this episode that's for sure. ^_^; I'm pretty sure it's the last episode, so expect it to not be so happy-go-lucky as this one.


Loveless Episode 10: Nameless

Ritsuka is confronted by Yamato after school... who takes him out for coffee! She explains more about the connection of names and how both the sacrifice and fighter have their name somewhere on their body. However, it appears that her zero symbol is disappearing after the fight with the other zero group. Apparently, she and Kouya had temporarily broken their bond and did a sacrifice switch. Therefore, when Natsume had attacked, he had made a lethal blow to Youji (messed up, huh?).

Ritsuka and Soubi finally have their fight with Kouya and Yamato and Soubi attempts to cause pain to Yamato without physical damage. However, it appears that Yamato can actually feel pain because of her name disappearing. Soubi takes advantage of this, but Ritsuka gets in his way before he can deliver a finishing blow. Kouya surrenders the battle, which ultimately means her death. She asks Yamato to join her, but they both decide to become reborn and not kill themselves, calling Nagisa and telling her that Zero is dead.

On their way home after the fight, Soubi tells Ritsuka that Seimei is the only one that he truly had a bond with, but that Seimei never felt that way. Ritsuka wonders if Seimei only used Soubi as a tool...


Great episode. In the previous episodes, I never really felt for the new Zero pair at all, but this one really made me feel for Yamato. She had such a connection with Kouya and they shared everything since the moment they met, but suddenly she is losing one of the things that binds her to Kouya, her symbol. As Ritsuka says, although zero cannot feel pain, they are still human, and therefore can feel pain in ways other than the physical.

So anyways, looks like we're done with the Zero arc. It looks like Yuiko may confess to Ritsuka in the next ep... that may be interesting. Oh, and Enjoy!


Uta∽Kata Episode 13 (OAV)

Cute wrap-up episode in which Manatsu and Kai come back to their respective pals and hang out for Christmas. Sei has moved to Germany to study and Ichika is alone for Christmas which is also her birthday. The shards of mirror disappear and Manatsu and Kai come out to play for a little while. It was nice to see this show again after several months, and although it was kind of sad, it was also very sweet as well.

Shojo Beat Issue 1 (July 2005)

Yay! I was finally able to get my hands on the first issue of Shojo (Shoujo!!!) Beat today. All in all I was pretty impressed by the new manga magazine. Included in this issue was:

Nana- (Ai Yazawa) a very popular manga in Japan by the manga-ka of Paradise Kiss (which I also love). So far it's about a girl who has a very bad history with guys and she wants to go to Tokyo to be with her friends and new love interest. I liked this one quite a bit and SB issue 1 has 100 pages of it! Very cool.

Absolute Boyfriend- (Yuu Watase) the newest manga, also known as Zettai Kareshi, from the manga-ka of some very famous manga such as Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, Imadoki and Alice 19th. This one's about a girl who gets rejected by a guy she really likes and mail-orders herself a boyfriend. Reminds me of Chobits (or any other andriod girl series) reversed. Should definitely be interesting, a lot of humor in this one too. Probably my favorite from the magazine.

Godchild- (Kaori Yuki) from the manga-ka of Angel Sanctuary. Kind of weird and gothic, also pretty gory so far. I wasn't too impressed by this one, but it was pretty interesting nonetheless. Not really my kind of manga...

Kaze Hikaru- (Taeko Watanabe) Basically a shoujo manga about the Shinsengumi (Shisengumi stuff is way over-done in my opinion). Not real interested in this one, haven't really read it yet.

Baby & Me- (Marimo Ragawa) Aka-chan to Boku, Classic shoujo manga about a young boy that is forced to take care of his baby brother after his mother's death. Way too much for a little kid to handle... It's cute, but kind of depressing in a way too.

Crimson Hero- (Mitsuba Takanashi) Started reading it... but wasn't super interesting. A shoujo sports manga with a very tomboyish girl that wants to play volleyball. I usually hate sports manga/anime and I hate volleyball, so this was pretty much a no-go for me. The art is okay, but the characters are pretty ugly. Basically nothing of interest for me in this one.

So basically the consensus was pretty good. I really liked the first few mangas and the rest are ignorable since it only costs $5.99. Another thing is that there are interviews with some of the manga-ka's and some other stuff included. Also, the first episode of Ultra-Maniac is included as a bonus DVD with the manga (though it's a dub of course).

I thought it was a little strange to see beauty tips and stuff along side all of the manga, but maybe some girls that read manga care about beauty tips being in their manga magazine? Unlikely... oh well, there were interesting things as well like trends in Tokyo and cute horoscopes. There were also ads for other manga/anime, but that stuff I don't mind because I'm always on the lookout for new manga. =)


Loveless Episodes 8 and 9: Trustless/Skinless

Episode 8: Trustless

Ritsuka questions his relationship with Soubi and is upset with him about going off and fighting without telling him and not answering his calls. Meanwhile Soubi goes off to fight again by himself with a new "Zero" pair consisiting of a female couple who are quite close... Anyways, they are quite formidable and leave Soubi in pretty bad shape when Ritsuka finds him.

Episode 9: Skinless

Ritsuka arrives to Soubi's rescue, but so do Natsuo and Youji and they all get in a taxi and go to Soubi's together. Ritsuka wonders who all these people are, and Natsuo and Youji explain some of the stuff about fighters and sacrifices. They also explain that "Loveless" has his own fighter out there somewhere, since Soubi is really Seimei's fighter.

Meanwhile, Kouya and Yamato (the other Zero) are confronted by their maker, Nagisa (quite a bubbly girl), and she tells Yamato that she's replaceable as a sacrifice. Kouya is disgusted by the idea of having another sacrifice other than Yamato and is scared of losing her.

Apparently Nagisa had made a bet with Ritsu-sensei that her Zero could beat Soubi, but he says the fight was unfair because it was 2 on 1. She attempts to lure Ritsuka out to fight with Soubi, but Natsuo and Youji go out to confront them. Youji is immediately incapacitated and Yamato and Kouya challenge Ritsuka to fight them, which he accepts...


Okay, yah it's kind of confusing, especially with the way I wrote it... Oh well, it was a little confusing as I watched it lol. These were interesting episodes, especially with our new lesbian Zero pair. The yuri element was interesting in such a shounen-ai show, but it worked okay. I was a little confused by Kouya's disappearing cat ears, but it became a little more apparent when they showed they were removeable. Which of course brings me to question why she even bothers to wear them, except maybe the fact that she would look bad as a high-school girl without her ears. Anyone else notice that the majority of the high school girls in Shibuya didn't have their ears? =) Looking forward to the fight with Ritsuka, Soubi and Yuri Zero... Only 3 episodes left!!! (I think)


Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 8

Kurogane decides to storm the castle, but first Chun-yan takes Syaoran and Sakura to a headquarters for those that tried to rebel against the leader. Sorata and Arashi are there (kind of) and they tell Chun-yan that everyone wants to stop trying to rebel. She is very upset, but as they walk by the castle, Sakura says it is calling to her and flies into it. Syaoran follows her, running into the castle, despite Chun-yan's protests.

Inside they appear in some strange desert area, and the leader guy attacks them with fire and rocks but is soon distracted by his son. Some strange creatures appear near Sakura and Syaoran steps in front of her. Sakura tells him to wait and explains that the creatures are actually some of the rebel men from the village who got trapped in the castle. Sakura and Syaoran leave the castle and tell everyone what they saw, giving them hope that their friends are still alive and can return to normal if they defeat the leader. Meanwhile, leader-guy (yah yah, he has a name, but who really cares?) awakens a strange looking woman...


This was another anime-exclusive episode, but it was a pretty good one in my opinion. I am enjoying the fact that Sakura plays more of a role in the anime series than she did in the manga, and this episode seemed more in context than the anime-only Hanshin episode. The part where the voice told Sakura to leave with the person she cares about and she grabs Syaoran's hand and smiles was really adorable. Next ep should have more action...