Loveless Episode 10: Nameless

Ritsuka is confronted by Yamato after school... who takes him out for coffee! She explains more about the connection of names and how both the sacrifice and fighter have their name somewhere on their body. However, it appears that her zero symbol is disappearing after the fight with the other zero group. Apparently, she and Kouya had temporarily broken their bond and did a sacrifice switch. Therefore, when Natsume had attacked, he had made a lethal blow to Youji (messed up, huh?).

Ritsuka and Soubi finally have their fight with Kouya and Yamato and Soubi attempts to cause pain to Yamato without physical damage. However, it appears that Yamato can actually feel pain because of her name disappearing. Soubi takes advantage of this, but Ritsuka gets in his way before he can deliver a finishing blow. Kouya surrenders the battle, which ultimately means her death. She asks Yamato to join her, but they both decide to become reborn and not kill themselves, calling Nagisa and telling her that Zero is dead.

On their way home after the fight, Soubi tells Ritsuka that Seimei is the only one that he truly had a bond with, but that Seimei never felt that way. Ritsuka wonders if Seimei only used Soubi as a tool...


Great episode. In the previous episodes, I never really felt for the new Zero pair at all, but this one really made me feel for Yamato. She had such a connection with Kouya and they shared everything since the moment they met, but suddenly she is losing one of the things that binds her to Kouya, her symbol. As Ritsuka says, although zero cannot feel pain, they are still human, and therefore can feel pain in ways other than the physical.

So anyways, looks like we're done with the Zero arc. It looks like Yuiko may confess to Ritsuka in the next ep... that may be interesting. Oh, and Enjoy!


At 1:48 AM, Anonymous Zelda Cool said...

Love the Reviews that you do the. And you been keeping me up to date with Loveless. I see that episode 11 is now out by [WE Suck] Anime.

And also, Love the Picture you Put up. (:


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