Loveless Episodes 8 and 9: Trustless/Skinless

Episode 8: Trustless

Ritsuka questions his relationship with Soubi and is upset with him about going off and fighting without telling him and not answering his calls. Meanwhile Soubi goes off to fight again by himself with a new "Zero" pair consisiting of a female couple who are quite close... Anyways, they are quite formidable and leave Soubi in pretty bad shape when Ritsuka finds him.

Episode 9: Skinless

Ritsuka arrives to Soubi's rescue, but so do Natsuo and Youji and they all get in a taxi and go to Soubi's together. Ritsuka wonders who all these people are, and Natsuo and Youji explain some of the stuff about fighters and sacrifices. They also explain that "Loveless" has his own fighter out there somewhere, since Soubi is really Seimei's fighter.

Meanwhile, Kouya and Yamato (the other Zero) are confronted by their maker, Nagisa (quite a bubbly girl), and she tells Yamato that she's replaceable as a sacrifice. Kouya is disgusted by the idea of having another sacrifice other than Yamato and is scared of losing her.

Apparently Nagisa had made a bet with Ritsu-sensei that her Zero could beat Soubi, but he says the fight was unfair because it was 2 on 1. She attempts to lure Ritsuka out to fight with Soubi, but Natsuo and Youji go out to confront them. Youji is immediately incapacitated and Yamato and Kouya challenge Ritsuka to fight them, which he accepts...


Okay, yah it's kind of confusing, especially with the way I wrote it... Oh well, it was a little confusing as I watched it lol. These were interesting episodes, especially with our new lesbian Zero pair. The yuri element was interesting in such a shounen-ai show, but it worked okay. I was a little confused by Kouya's disappearing cat ears, but it became a little more apparent when they showed they were removeable. Which of course brings me to question why she even bothers to wear them, except maybe the fact that she would look bad as a high-school girl without her ears. Anyone else notice that the majority of the high school girls in Shibuya didn't have their ears? =) Looking forward to the fight with Ritsuka, Soubi and Yuri Zero... Only 3 episodes left!!! (I think)


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