Shojo Beat Issue 1 (July 2005)

Yay! I was finally able to get my hands on the first issue of Shojo (Shoujo!!!) Beat today. All in all I was pretty impressed by the new manga magazine. Included in this issue was:

Nana- (Ai Yazawa) a very popular manga in Japan by the manga-ka of Paradise Kiss (which I also love). So far it's about a girl who has a very bad history with guys and she wants to go to Tokyo to be with her friends and new love interest. I liked this one quite a bit and SB issue 1 has 100 pages of it! Very cool.

Absolute Boyfriend- (Yuu Watase) the newest manga, also known as Zettai Kareshi, from the manga-ka of some very famous manga such as Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, Imadoki and Alice 19th. This one's about a girl who gets rejected by a guy she really likes and mail-orders herself a boyfriend. Reminds me of Chobits (or any other andriod girl series) reversed. Should definitely be interesting, a lot of humor in this one too. Probably my favorite from the magazine.

Godchild- (Kaori Yuki) from the manga-ka of Angel Sanctuary. Kind of weird and gothic, also pretty gory so far. I wasn't too impressed by this one, but it was pretty interesting nonetheless. Not really my kind of manga...

Kaze Hikaru- (Taeko Watanabe) Basically a shoujo manga about the Shinsengumi (Shisengumi stuff is way over-done in my opinion). Not real interested in this one, haven't really read it yet.

Baby & Me- (Marimo Ragawa) Aka-chan to Boku, Classic shoujo manga about a young boy that is forced to take care of his baby brother after his mother's death. Way too much for a little kid to handle... It's cute, but kind of depressing in a way too.

Crimson Hero- (Mitsuba Takanashi) Started reading it... but wasn't super interesting. A shoujo sports manga with a very tomboyish girl that wants to play volleyball. I usually hate sports manga/anime and I hate volleyball, so this was pretty much a no-go for me. The art is okay, but the characters are pretty ugly. Basically nothing of interest for me in this one.

So basically the consensus was pretty good. I really liked the first few mangas and the rest are ignorable since it only costs $5.99. Another thing is that there are interviews with some of the manga-ka's and some other stuff included. Also, the first episode of Ultra-Maniac is included as a bonus DVD with the manga (though it's a dub of course).

I thought it was a little strange to see beauty tips and stuff along side all of the manga, but maybe some girls that read manga care about beauty tips being in their manga magazine? Unlikely... oh well, there were interesting things as well like trends in Tokyo and cute horoscopes. There were also ads for other manga/anime, but that stuff I don't mind because I'm always on the lookout for new manga. =)


At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this magizine. if u subscribe its like getting 7 issues free...

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At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Leelee said...

I've been looking to find out how much this issue is worth, I have TWO of them somehow. This thread is what popped up when I searched it up. So I figured i'd ask. I do love this issue though, think it's one of my favorites.


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