Tsubasa Chronicle Episode 8

Kurogane decides to storm the castle, but first Chun-yan takes Syaoran and Sakura to a headquarters for those that tried to rebel against the leader. Sorata and Arashi are there (kind of) and they tell Chun-yan that everyone wants to stop trying to rebel. She is very upset, but as they walk by the castle, Sakura says it is calling to her and flies into it. Syaoran follows her, running into the castle, despite Chun-yan's protests.

Inside they appear in some strange desert area, and the leader guy attacks them with fire and rocks but is soon distracted by his son. Some strange creatures appear near Sakura and Syaoran steps in front of her. Sakura tells him to wait and explains that the creatures are actually some of the rebel men from the village who got trapped in the castle. Sakura and Syaoran leave the castle and tell everyone what they saw, giving them hope that their friends are still alive and can return to normal if they defeat the leader. Meanwhile, leader-guy (yah yah, he has a name, but who really cares?) awakens a strange looking woman...


This was another anime-exclusive episode, but it was a pretty good one in my opinion. I am enjoying the fact that Sakura plays more of a role in the anime series than she did in the manga, and this episode seemed more in context than the anime-only Hanshin episode. The part where the voice told Sakura to leave with the person she cares about and she grabs Syaoran's hand and smiles was really adorable. Next ep should have more action...


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