Suzuka Episode 3

It's the first day of school and Yamato ends up in the same class as both Suzuka and Yasunobu. Suzuka asks Yamato to go on an errand with her after school and he accepts. When Yamato arrives in class, a girl he doesn't recognize (Sakurai Honoka)comes up and talks to him saying they've met before. Suzuka walks in while they are chatting and Yasunobu attempts to make her jealous by saying they're probably planning a date for later. Suzuka walks up to Yamato and tells him it's fine if he doesn't help her after school.

However, that evening as Suzuka's leaving after practice she finds Yamato waiting for her outside the gate and having been there for 5 hours. While Suzuka is suprised that he waited, she seems pretty happy about it as well.

The next day Yamato stays home sick from school with a cold (since people always get sick after being outside for awhile in anime). Suzuka denies him getting sick is her fault and heads off to school. Later on, Honoka comes to visit him (with the help of Yasunobu) and she makes him something to eat. Unfortunately, Yasunobu and Saotome (the busty blonde chick) not only come over and eat all the food (with Yamato getting none...) but they also harass and torture him for awhile.

After everyone finally leaves, Yamato screams and yells about how crappy he feels and that he wishes Suzuka had come to see how he was doing. As if she had heard him, Suzuka comes walking in and brings him some lemon and honey drink (sans the honey...) and hard-boiled eggs (cooked in the microwave!!!). Well, it's the thought that counts, right?


I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit despite the mixed reactions I've read prior to watching it. Honoka seems like a really nice character (if not a little cliched) and reminds me a lot of Kanako from Genshiken, stutters and all. I'm still having trouble relating to Suzuka as a character, but it's clear that she puts up a tough exterior but actually is a nice person underneath it all. I wouldn't say she really has any feelings for Yamato as of yet, but it's clear that she is noticing things about him that discredit her original impressions.

It'll be interesting to see how the characters flesh out as the series progresses.


Other summer 2005 series I'm following (but not blogging):

Kamichu! - seriously adorable and fun. I'd cap this, but I enjoy just being able to sit back and watch it.

Tide Line Blue - I'm kind of suprised with this one as I don't typically like this kind of show. The characters are quite interesting and it seems like the story will get better and better (I hope!). I'd recommend this even if you aren't a big shounen action fan.

Full Metal Panic: TSR - Yayyy! FMP is back, and now with nudity, more violence and twincest! Definetly enjoying it so far. =)

I may blog these once in a while if I feel like it, but don't count on it or anything!

Other series I'm watching:

Zettai Shounen - I like this show... but it's a little slow for me sometimes. I really have to be in the right mood for it.

Honey and Clover - oh man I looooove this show. I really wish I had started capping it, but again it's one I really like to just watch and not worry about blogging. Please, please watch this if you aren't already!

Need to catch up on...

Erementar Gerad
Tsubasa Chronicle
Futakoi Alternative
Yakitate!! Ja-pan - my friends need to come over and watch this soon!!! >/

Das all for now.


Suzuka Episode 2

Yah, Yah, I didn't blog episode 1... oh well. Go here if you really need a summary.

Yamato's "friend", Yasunobu, shows up causes problems as usual for him. Yasunobu is a big flirt with the ladies and Yamato does his best to discourage him from setting his sights on Suzuka. Suzuka and Yamato are sent to go get supplies for the landlady and bond along the way. Yamato takes her to a shrine to prove to her that the town isn't as bad as she thinks it is.

While Yamato was happy to leave his old town and to have a new start, Suzuka doesn't like the town and wanted to stay at home with her friends, but was pushed into getting into the best school.

After a dinner celebration for Yamato and Suzuka starting school in a couple days, Yasunobu and Yamoto go out to get some supplies for the college girls and run into Suzuka who's jogging. Yasunobu hits on her and offers to take her home, but Yamato grabs her and drags her home with him (which was what Yasunobu intended to happen).

Yamato attemps to take Yasunobu's previous advice about complimenting her, but he chooses to admire her ears, which she takes offense at. However, he makes an off-hand comment about her jumping and how graceful she was and she seems quite pleased to his surprise.


I am enjoying this anime quite a bit. The characters are more believable than many other series and it doesn't focus on constant ecchiness or comedy all the time. I wasn't real fond of Yamato or Suzuka to start out with, but they are definetly growing on me. Even Yasunobu seems to have Yamato's best interests in mind despite appearances. It will be interesting to see where this anime leads.


Ichigo Marshmallow Episode 1

Cute show about cute little girls who do silly things. I will probably continue watching it and possibly capping it, though it's not very plot driven from what I hear. I will probably do a quick summary later.

Peach Girl Episodes 22 & 23

Episode 22:

Momo is confused about the possibility that Kairi still loves her while she continues to date Touji. At one point Kairi goes over to her house so he can see her, but sees her kissing Touji. When she spots him later, he says that he still has feelings and runs away with tears in his eyes. The next day at school he tells her that he meant he still had feelings for Misao, which further confuses Momo. Touji later takes her on a date back to the amusement park on the ferris wheel and tells her he wants to make a good memory this time.

Meanwhile, on the Ryo/Sae end of things... Sae tricks Ryo into meeting with her, but he brings Misao along. Sae goes off on Misao and says she should just disappear. As Ryo walks away, Sae reveals that she is pregnant with Ryo's baby. Seeing the way Ryo acts with Sae and how he treats her, Misao starts to wonder if she really does like Ryo after all.


Episode 23:

Momo attempts to return Kairi's student book, but he catches her and reveals to her that he still loves her. Of course, Touji walks in while Kairi is embracing her and Kairi begs for Touji to give her back (rather childish, but cute). Touji points out that Momo is not a puppy and says that it's her choice who she wants to be with.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Sae have a nice talk after Ryo gets dumped by Misao. Ryo wants Sae to get an abortion, but Sae refuses, saying she wants to have his baby so they can be a family. Just as Ryo is starting to see her view of things, he is attacked once again and the crap is beat out of him. Sae stupidly jumps into the fray and is kicked in the stomach. She and Ryo are rushed to the hospital and Momo, Touji and Kairi head there as well.

At the hospital, it is revealed that Sae was never pregnant and that her body had simply convinced her that she was because she wanted it to be so. Sae is obviously very upset about this, and it's hard to tell how Ryo feels... Touji confronts Momo about making a choice once again. Kairi runs off to the bathroom (he is extremely nervous about what's going on and gets nauseas) and upon his return Momo reveals that she wants to be with Touji...


Awww.. poor Sae. I'm glad she wasn't attempting to trick Ryo into being with her, but it sure turned out to be almost like that. It'll be interesting to see who Ryo ends up with now, because it seems that Misao still cares for him despite what she says. Ryo seriously needs to stop being beat up so much...

As for Momo and her decision, I'm not really sure what to think. I think it's kind of obvious that Kairi seriously cares for Momo a lot more than she thinks he does, and I'm sure if they sat down and talked about it for awhile she'd realize that. =)


Amae Naideyo! Episode 1

Ikko is a buddhist monk in training and lives with a group of girls who are becoming nuns. Ikko's power is fairly weak compared to the others, except when... he gets excited. We're introduced to the 6 girls, including Chitose who seems to be the victim of having to strip whenever Ikko needs to ummm.. perform?

Ikko is put in charge of chanting for a doll memorial service in which children's dolls are burned and their spirits are released (kind of morbid, huh?). Anyways, one of the dolls is angry and resists, and of course it turns out that Ikko has to have his power "come" out so he can purify it.


Fairly generic harem comedy, but I actually thought it was pretty funny and enjoyable. The characters are also pretty stereotypical, but who knows with just seeing the first episode really? I will probably keep watching this, and if I am impressed with future episodes I will probably continue to cap this as well. Check this one out if you like harem comedies and lots of panty shots!



Peach Girl Episode 21

School's back in session and rumors are flying about Momo and Touji. The truth is revealed about what really happened (sort of), and Momo is no longer badmouthed by the girls. Kairi obviously still has feelings for Momo, but sees her happy with Touji and doesn't want to interfere (or does he?).

Kairi also finds out that Misao and Sae had it out when Misao showed up in Ryo's hospital room and confessed to him. Sae walked in while they were about to kiss and slaps Misao, calling her a pig. In return, Ryo slaps Sae heartlessly and tells her to leave, despite her sobbing. Misao wonders if Ryo is really the guy she thought he was...

Though Kairi had told Momo that he realized Misao was more important to him (obvious lie...), Momo accidently finds a picture of herself in Kairi's student book and wonders what's going on.


I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Sae... which is scaring me considering how much I hated her before. Seems she's finally getting a taste of what it's like to be in love and in pain as well. Seriously, though, Ryo was a jerk to begin with so I really don't know what she was expecting. I also think Misao is too nice to be with him as well and hopefully she'll realize that. The whole thing with Momo, Kairi and Touji? I really don't want to get into that...