Amae Naideyo! Episode 1

Ikko is a buddhist monk in training and lives with a group of girls who are becoming nuns. Ikko's power is fairly weak compared to the others, except when... he gets excited. We're introduced to the 6 girls, including Chitose who seems to be the victim of having to strip whenever Ikko needs to ummm.. perform?

Ikko is put in charge of chanting for a doll memorial service in which children's dolls are burned and their spirits are released (kind of morbid, huh?). Anyways, one of the dolls is angry and resists, and of course it turns out that Ikko has to have his power "come" out so he can purify it.


Fairly generic harem comedy, but I actually thought it was pretty funny and enjoyable. The characters are also pretty stereotypical, but who knows with just seeing the first episode really? I will probably keep watching this, and if I am impressed with future episodes I will probably continue to cap this as well. Check this one out if you like harem comedies and lots of panty shots!



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