Anime-Expo 2005

Ahh, well I'm finally back from Anaheim and AX2005. I really have to say I had a great time this year, even though I really didn't get anything besides manga (not that that's anything new). The exhibit hall was basically the same as always, nothing real interesting, but still lots of fun stuff to get. I think there was over 35,000 people there this year, so it was reeeaaaally crowded. There were a few really good cosplayers, but nothing that really stuck out to me too much. The worst part of the whole trip was waiting in line for registration (even though we pre-registered) for 4 hours!!! Yes, that's 4 hours of standing/sitting and waiting. It was incredibly disorganized and extremely irritating, but once it was over it was pretty much smooth sailing from there.

What I got:

Manga- [English]Alice 19th vol. 6&7 (to complete my series), Yami no Matsuei vol 1-3, Gals! vol 1-2, President Dad vol. 1-2 (Manwha actually), Yotsuba vol. 1, Tokyo Boys and Girls vol. 1, Gravitation vol. 12, Gamerz Heaven vol. 2, Fruits Basket vol. 10, Merupuri vol. 1, Doubt!! vol. 3, and X2 (short stories). [Japanese] Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle vol. 10 Special Edition.

Other crap- Subscription to Shojo Beat, along with free stuff including duffel bag, iron on transfers, decal, cell phone charm, cell phone pouch, etc. Momiji bunny doll, Loveless cell phone stickers, Sushi Neko t-shirt, Fan-made Death Note stationary, Fan-made Katamari Damacy buttons, free Genshiken button, free postcards and other stuff like that.

Stuff I saw:

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu eps 1-2 - seen them already, but it was fun to watch it with a big group of people (even though the subtitles were off in the 2nd half of the first ep, grrrrr!).

Le Portrait de Petit Cossette eps 1-2 - also seen the first ep before, but I had forgotten how weeeeiird this show is. I will be watching the last ep soon I'm sure.

AX Masquerade - it was pretty good this year, and we didn't wait in line too too long (I brought manga to read this time!), there was some pretty funny skits.

Medieval Times - not at AX, but we went there on the last day. It was pretty awesome and we screamed at the top of our lungs which was great.

Anyways, if you wanna check them out, I posted most of the pictures here so enjoy!


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