Peach Girl Episode 18 (sorta) & 19

I did take caps from episode 18, but apparently they didn't work (which I didn't discover until after I had watched the whole episode). So anyways, I'll just give you a short summary: Kairi confesses to Misao that he loves her, she says she only sees him as a little brother (since she still has feelings for Ryo, idiot...). Kairi knows he's hurt Momo so he decides to go on a journey on foot to think about everything. Thanks to Sae, the new person hired to work at the convenience store with Momo is none other than Touji!

Ok... now on to episode 19:

Kairi leaves and Momo is sad... Then she finds out the real reason behind Touji dumping her for Sae and starts to wonder if she still has feelings for him. Meanwhile Kairi works at a soba noodle shop and discovers that he really does love Momo and was just idealizing Misao. He contacts Momo and tells her to meet him when summer break is over and they can go on a trip together. Touji tells Momo that if Kairi doesn't meet her, that he still loves her and wants to start over again.


Sae's kind of scaring me with how nice she is all of a sudden. She still can be sneaky, but she obviously is trying to make up for how she acted before. Hopefully her niceness will continue and we won't have to deal with her crap anymore. It seems like the next episode will be a little sad... but I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I missed you Peach Girl and your dramatics!


P.S. I won't be capping Tsubasa anymore due to the fact that I'm not really enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I will probably watch it still, I just don't feel like capping it anymore. I may cap an episode once in awhile if it's particularly good. So for now, go to Dav's site!


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