Peach Girl Episode 20

While Kairi is waiting for Momo to show up, he runs into Misao who's meeting Ryo in the same place. Ryo appears and some random guy comes and beats him up. Kairi goes with Misao and Ryo to the hospital and Momo sees him get in a cab with Misao. Kairi calls telling her he'll be there as soon as he can (but the idiot doesn't say why he'll be late! grrrr!). Touji shows up and Momo leaves after an hour and heads off to the beach she was supposed to go to with Kairi. After sitting on the beach for awhile, a typhoon comes and she discovers Touji was there all along and had followed her because he was worried about her.

Basically they get stuck at the beach because of a mudslide and they go to stay at the hotel Momo was supposed to stay at with Kairi. Touji ends up staying with her because no other rooms are available, and well... you can probably guess what happens next. Meanwhile, Kairi realizes what an idiot he was by not showing up to meet with Momo and chases after her to the beach. Of course his train gets stuck too and he proceeds to take a cab as far as he can go and then walks the remaining 20 kilometers!!! He arrives just in time to see Momo and Touji together, holding hands and all happy-like. Momo has decided that she can probably be happy with Touji...


Why??? Why can't these people just communicate with each other more! Grrrr! Aaaanyways, this was a somewhat expected turn of events, seeing as how she found out what really happened with Touji. It sucks that Kairi just happened to show up a little late and Momo gave up on him that easily, but I understand why she didn't give him much of a chance considering the circumstances. I really don't want her to get back together with Touji though, he just bothers me for some reason. Hopefully everything will turn out okay... though I'm not really sure how that's possible at this point.


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