Peach Girl Episodes 22 & 23

Episode 22:

Momo is confused about the possibility that Kairi still loves her while she continues to date Touji. At one point Kairi goes over to her house so he can see her, but sees her kissing Touji. When she spots him later, he says that he still has feelings and runs away with tears in his eyes. The next day at school he tells her that he meant he still had feelings for Misao, which further confuses Momo. Touji later takes her on a date back to the amusement park on the ferris wheel and tells her he wants to make a good memory this time.

Meanwhile, on the Ryo/Sae end of things... Sae tricks Ryo into meeting with her, but he brings Misao along. Sae goes off on Misao and says she should just disappear. As Ryo walks away, Sae reveals that she is pregnant with Ryo's baby. Seeing the way Ryo acts with Sae and how he treats her, Misao starts to wonder if she really does like Ryo after all.


Episode 23:

Momo attempts to return Kairi's student book, but he catches her and reveals to her that he still loves her. Of course, Touji walks in while Kairi is embracing her and Kairi begs for Touji to give her back (rather childish, but cute). Touji points out that Momo is not a puppy and says that it's her choice who she wants to be with.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Sae have a nice talk after Ryo gets dumped by Misao. Ryo wants Sae to get an abortion, but Sae refuses, saying she wants to have his baby so they can be a family. Just as Ryo is starting to see her view of things, he is attacked once again and the crap is beat out of him. Sae stupidly jumps into the fray and is kicked in the stomach. She and Ryo are rushed to the hospital and Momo, Touji and Kairi head there as well.

At the hospital, it is revealed that Sae was never pregnant and that her body had simply convinced her that she was because she wanted it to be so. Sae is obviously very upset about this, and it's hard to tell how Ryo feels... Touji confronts Momo about making a choice once again. Kairi runs off to the bathroom (he is extremely nervous about what's going on and gets nauseas) and upon his return Momo reveals that she wants to be with Touji...


Awww.. poor Sae. I'm glad she wasn't attempting to trick Ryo into being with her, but it sure turned out to be almost like that. It'll be interesting to see who Ryo ends up with now, because it seems that Misao still cares for him despite what she says. Ryo seriously needs to stop being beat up so much...

As for Momo and her decision, I'm not really sure what to think. I think it's kind of obvious that Kairi seriously cares for Momo a lot more than she thinks he does, and I'm sure if they sat down and talked about it for awhile she'd realize that. =)


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