Suzuka Episode 2

Yah, Yah, I didn't blog episode 1... oh well. Go here if you really need a summary.

Yamato's "friend", Yasunobu, shows up causes problems as usual for him. Yasunobu is a big flirt with the ladies and Yamato does his best to discourage him from setting his sights on Suzuka. Suzuka and Yamato are sent to go get supplies for the landlady and bond along the way. Yamato takes her to a shrine to prove to her that the town isn't as bad as she thinks it is.

While Yamato was happy to leave his old town and to have a new start, Suzuka doesn't like the town and wanted to stay at home with her friends, but was pushed into getting into the best school.

After a dinner celebration for Yamato and Suzuka starting school in a couple days, Yasunobu and Yamoto go out to get some supplies for the college girls and run into Suzuka who's jogging. Yasunobu hits on her and offers to take her home, but Yamato grabs her and drags her home with him (which was what Yasunobu intended to happen).

Yamato attemps to take Yasunobu's previous advice about complimenting her, but he chooses to admire her ears, which she takes offense at. However, he makes an off-hand comment about her jumping and how graceful she was and she seems quite pleased to his surprise.


I am enjoying this anime quite a bit. The characters are more believable than many other series and it doesn't focus on constant ecchiness or comedy all the time. I wasn't real fond of Yamato or Suzuka to start out with, but they are definetly growing on me. Even Yasunobu seems to have Yamato's best interests in mind despite appearances. It will be interesting to see where this anime leads.


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