Full Metal Panic: TSR Episode 6

Wow, this was an awesome episode, so awesome I decided to watch it again so I could cap it and share the awesomeness with all of you. The main thing that happens in the episode... Sousuke gets a haircut... from Chidori. Seriously, it's better than it sounds. Oh and Gates has reached a new level of insanity as well. Ok anways, I liked this ep a lot, as you can probably tell. =)


Honey & Clover Episode 19

Takemoto's finds himself actually happy Morita's back. Hagu seems to have mixed reactions... Ayu attempts to make Mayama jealous by clinging to Nomiya, but finds herself having an emotional breakdown over Mayama and spending some quality time with Nomiya. Mayama decides Nomiya may not be such a bad guy after all.


The animation was kinda weird in this episode... was it just me? It seemed kinda low quality in the beginning, but there were some really pretty shots as well. Ayu's design was all over the place too... which was slightly annoying. The whole episode had kind of a dreamlike feeling to it... or is it just because I'm sleepy? Strange ep... but still quite good.


Honey & Clover Episode 18

Ok, I don't usually blog this show, but I thought I'd like to provide you with some fun screencaps from Ep. 18. I will probably provide a summary later after people have had a chance to watch. But I must say it was quite enjoyable. =)

Suzuka Episode 6

Well with an episode title like "Kokuhaku" (confession), what do you think's gonna happen? =)

Anyways, Yamato struggles with wanting to ask Suzuka out on their day off from school. He ends up getting tickets to an amusement park, but they get destroyed... Turns out Suzuka has the same tickets and he indirectly invites himself to go with her. She seems pretty excited about going (in her own way), so Yamato looks forward to their day together.

The next day is pouring down rain, but Yamato and Suzuka find some indoor rides to go on and seem to have a pretty good time. At the end of the day it stops raining and they go to watch the parade and Suzuka grabs his hand and keeps holding on to it throughout the parade... He struggles with his feelings of wanting things to continue to be friendly and happy between them and his inward desire to have more. He ends up confessing, which at first she thinks is a joke, but Yamato confirms that he really feels that way about her. Suzuka has an obvious inward struggle, but ends up rejecting him in the nicest way possible and apologizing.

They walk home in awkward silence and go back to their rooms, Yamato finding Yasunobu in his apparently unlocked apartment. Yamato lays down, and complains about his day, but his friend leaves before he gets to the bad part and throws him some tissues. Meanwhile, Suzuka sits in her dark room in front of the tv cuddling her stuffed frog. Yamato finds himself sobbing uncontrollably and wondering why...


Interesting that Yamato confessed to Suzuka so quickly, but he definetly has been having an inward struggle ever since he first realized he liked her so it was inevitable. I suppose the rest of the show will be Suzuka's struggle with her feelings and coming to terms with her past and stuff like that. Should be interesting... =)


Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo Episode 5

Asaba (Ureshiko's hubby) asks Tatsumi to do some research for him for a project and maybe he'll agree to work with his company. Meanwhile, Sayaka decides she wants to be more grown-up and transforms herself into an older girl and hangs out with Tatsumi for awhile (not revealing who she really is). Ureshiko doesn't do much in this episode...


Yaaahhh... that's pretty much it. Not really much happened in this one and it was a little slower paced than other episodes. Sayaka was pretty cute as a teenager and actually acted a lot more mature for once as well. More Ureshiko next time please!

Peach Girl Episode 25

Summary to follow... if I feel like it.