Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo Episode 1

Ureshiko (I love that name...) is a magical girl that's gotten a little old for the magical girl game. Actually, she was always really clumsy and not the brightest star in the sky, but at least she used to fit in her costume. Anyways, she lives at and helps run a boarding house where they are getting a new resident soon. Ureshiko goes out to prepare for the new arrival while the old woman that runs the place (I don't think they're related, but she can use magic as well) finishes cleaning up after Ureshiko made a mess of things by using her magic.

Meanwhile, a young girl named Sayaka has just moved to the town and is attending the school there for the first time, and she seems very unimpressed. A couple of the guys pick on her and a few of the girls desperately try to befriend her, but she decides to liven things up by riding around on a broom and making everything "cute" (so she's obviously a magical girl too... in case you hadn't guessed).

As she's flying around the city making things cute, Ureshiko finds her and changes everything back to normal and confronts Sayaka. Sayaka recognizes Ureshiko as "Agnes Bell" and her predecessor as a magical girl, and claims that she should have the ring that is the main source of Ureshiko's power. She also makes a point of acusing Ureshiko of being to old to be a magical girl and that her outfit doesn't even fit anymore. Ureshiko refuses for now, saying that she wants the town to same the same for awhile since her mom is the one that created it.

Anyways, Sayaka goes back to making things around the town cute when she is almost hit by a truck containing Tatsumi, a former track star in high school and his female manager/friend. Ureshiko saves her in just the nick of time, trapping her in a bubble and is seen briefly by Tatsumi before she quickly flies off. Sayaka is suprised that Ureshiko saved her, but still considers her a rival.

Of course, it turns out that Tatsumi is the new resident that is going to stay at Ureshiko's place and she helps him move in and avoids his comments of them having met before. A few "oops, I fell on you and your breasts" moments ensue and the old lady lets Tatsumi know that Ureshiko is a married woman. She shows him around town and takes him to a lookout point with a beautiful sunset and he asks her about her husband, but she doesn't really seems to want to talk about it. Apparently she hasn't seen him for awhile...

Anyways, back at the house Ureshiko falls on Tatsumi again (wow, she's almost TOO clumsy...) and he looks as if he wants to kiss her, but she tells him that kissing is something she can't do.


Ureshiko is so cute! I know this show is extremely cliche, tactless and silly, but it's quite entertaining as well =). Most of the characters are cute and there seems to be some interesting stuff to come in later episodes. If you like shows about magic and can tolerate some ecchiness, I would definetly recommend it to you. It also appears that some drama will show up later on as well (in reference to Ureshiko and her estranged hubby). Tatsumi's past may also have some drama in it as well, but right now I don't really care for him much as a character yet.

I also enjoy most of the music in the show as well, especially the opening and some of the spell music is cute too. The animation is quite fluid and the character designs are similiar to Melody of Oblivion (considering it's done by the same people...). Also, the transformation sequences alone are enough of a reason to watch the episode. =)


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