Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo Episode 4

Ureshiko catches Tatsumi reading one of her husband's books which causes her to make a visit to his house. She isn't greeted by him but starts to straighten up the mess. He finally asks if she's back (for good I suppose) and he pins her against the wall and tries to kiss her, which of course she doesn't allow. He orders her to leave, and she does and goes to the cafe to mope with her friend and her friend's daughter, who cheers her up a little bit.

Meanwhile, Sayaka is quite bored and decides to make an amusement park so she'll have something to do. Ureshiko shows up and attempts to stop her, but she's obviously not in the right frame of mind to fight at the moment, but eventually uses a spell to make all the rides and stuff go away. Sayaka leaves in a huff and Tatsumi appears and gives Ureshiko a comforting shoulder.


This was definetly the most serious of the episodes so far. It focused mostly on Ureshiko's relationship (or lack thereof) with her husband and how hard it must have been for both of them with her not being able to kiss anyone. This leads me to believe that he didn't know she was a magical girl and therefore would not know the reason why she couldn't kiss him (or maybe he did?).

I do kind of wonder why it was such a big deal that Kruje/Sayaka wanted to make an amusement park, but I guess Ureshiko just wants everything to remain unchanged... Speaking of, there was a scene with Chibi-Ureshiko and her mother talking (tho they didn't show mom's face), which was quite adorable.

The whole latter part of the episode looked really good with all the rain and stuff and definetly added to the somber mood that set the tone for this episode. I want mooooore!


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